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Vividred Operation is an anime series in the Vividred Operation franchise
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Science Fiction Power Rangers!!!! Reviewed by Werewolverine4 on March 30, 2013. Werewolverine4 has written 2 reviews. His/her last review was for Vividred Operation.

Vividred Operation is an interesting anime made by Japan. The plot is about young girls who are able to wear battle suits by using a key to transform. Their transformation is something you would probably see from Power Ranges, but with a twist. Design of the suits are original but they are able to fly, have abnormal strength, and combine into one single being. Four girls whose battle suits in four different colors are red(Akane Isshiki), blue(Aoi Futabi), green(Wakaba Saegusa), and yellow(Himewari Shinomiya).

Alones are the known enemies in this series which are either robotic or cyber-biotic in origin. Alones intend to destroy a new unknown power source which powers 95% of this series. Alones are created at an unknown location from an anonymous organization. Alones if defeated get recharged from Rei Kuroki with a energy arrowed bow during the battle.

If a anime dubbed corporation wants to dub this show into english then they need to be careful, for the fact that when the girls that fight for good weapons are called out have "naked", i.e. "Naked Rang" from Akane Isshiki. If a anime corporation does english dub this series then be creative to avoid this issue.

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