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Vivian is a Sorcerer of Liones Kingdom. She is noted as being the best in the entire Kingdom.


Vivian's origins are largely unknown. But she was an apprentice under Merlin the witch and became the best Sorcerer in Liones.


Vivian is a supportive antagonist created by Suzuki Nakaba for the series, the Seven Deadly Sins.


Vivian has yet to have any notable evolution to her character. Though defeated once, her ideals and objectives have yet to change.


Vivian appears as a long slender woman with curvaceous proportions. She wears a long black dress and a mask that covers the entirety of her head and neck. When unmasked she appears as a young lady with shoulder length light colored hair and fair skin.


Vivian is somewhat cruel as well as ruthless in combat. She enjoyed hurting Elizabeth's feelings and keeping Margaret confined and she was bent on killing Meliodas. When that failed she was content to exile him and his allies to a deep forest. She has a weak spot however and that is Gilsander who she is in love with.


  • Hendricksen - Her direct leader and ally. The extent of their relationship is unclear.
  • Merlin - Vivian's former master. They don't appear to be on good terms.

Story Arcs

Kingdom Infiltration Arc

As the Deadly Sins were discussing the possible reason that the Holy Knights wanted Elizabeth, at that very moment Vivian arrived and told them that Elizabeth was needed as the last key to open the Coffin of Eternal Darkness, which would allow Demons to once again enter the human world. Vivian that teleported herself along with Elizabeth and unintentionally Hawk as well, back to Liones. Immediately the Deadly Sins decided to follow them. Diane hurled Meliodas, Ban and Gowther to Liones with her amazing strength and she along with King followed behind via a portal, although they were delayed due to Diane's struggle to fit her giant body through the portal. Vivian teleported to Hendricksen and reported the success in capturing Elizabeth. However, they were delayed from taking immediate action by the abrupt arrival of King Arthur Pendragon. There was also a report that Elizabeth had escaped her cell and was attempting to flee Liones.

Vivian was quick to find Elizabeth again though as Elizabeth had not even left the dungeon yet. She stopped because she happened to find her older sister Margaret confined in the same dungeon. As Vivian stepped forward to take Elizabeth again though, she was knocked away by Hawk. However Hawk was teleported away to the Horn of Cermunnos. Elizabeth was knocked out in the process and fell back into Vivian's possession. She informed Hendricksen of Elizabeth's re-capture then told him that she would send Gilsander to help him as he had just engaged the newly arrived and angry Meliodas in combat.

Vivian joins the fray
Vivian joins the fray

Vivian took Elizabeth to the King's chamber which was defended heavily by her Perfect Cube Spell. She then departed to observe the battle between Meliodas and Hendricksen. However things were looking unfavorable as Meliodas was gaining the upper hand against Hendricksen and Gilsander even together. Vivian decided to ignore Hendricksen's order and stepped into the battle. Now 3 on 1, Meliodas started getting pushed back. A heated battle ensued, neither side getting a large enough advantage to win. However when the freed Margaret made her way to the battlefield, Meliodas looked and was distracted by a creature right behind her, invisible to most others. He launched his Divine Slayer attack at the creature and killed it, but that window of vulnerability gave the Holy Knights the chance they needed and Vivian's attack struck him, causing him to fall to the ground. Hendricksen also seized the opportunity and rushed in to finish Meliodas, but was shocked when Gilsander hacked off his arm. Gilsander thanked Meliodas, calling him his hero and proceeded to massacre the shocked and wounded Hendricksen for seemingly no reason. Vivian stood in bewilderment, but Meliodas explained that Gilsander was being blackmailed into serving Hendricksen since Margaret who he swore to protect was held captive by Hendricksen. On top of that, Gilsander's every move was monitored. With Margaret free and Meliodas killing Margaret's invisible oppressor, that instant freed Gilsander from serving Hendricksen. Vivian didn't believe this was true but Meliodas said Gilsander did what he did because it was for the woman he loved, which upset Vivian as she secretly had feelings for Gilsander.

Unmasked Vivian weeping in defeat
Unmasked Vivian weeping in defeat

After Gilsander assaulted Hendricksen to the point of apparent death, the other Deadly Sins and their newly allied Holy Knights convened with Meliodas and his group. But Vivian was not done. Appearing before the group again, she teleported them all into a deep forest that was said to be impossible to escape from. Vivian teleported back to Liones before King had a chance to attack her. But Vivian had hardly moved when the group was suddenly transported back right behind her, stunning Vivian. Suddenly a cloaked figure who Vivian had seen earlier accompanying King Arthur appeared, hovering in the air. Before Vivian could do anything she herself was transported to the nest of a Dragon. Right after she was transported to a waterfall and numerous other torturous locations. The while Vivian remarked that it was happening so quickly that she could not counteract it with her own teleportation. Eventually Vivian could bear it no more and begged to cloaked figure to stop. Despite being shown mercy, when Vivian was left alone, she immediately attacked the cloaked figure in anger with a wind twister. The individual was unscathed but the cloak was removed and shocked everyone by their identity. It was none other than Merlin of the Seven Deadly Sins, Vivian's own former master and the most powerful Sorcerer in all of Britannia. Merlin ignored Vivian's attempt at killing her and teleported everyone to the King's chamber where both the King and Elizabeth were imprisoned inside. Vivian bellowed with laughter, knowing that the Perfect Cube technique that she cast on the chamber was an unbreakable barrier that only the caster could negate. Merlin stepped forward and forced Perfect Cube open with her bare hands while using the spell Absolute Cancel. Vivian could barely believe it. Realizing there was no chance of besting Merlin, Vivian threw off her helmet and slumped to the ground crying. But only a moment later she was joined by none other than Hendricksen who was not only alive but rejuvenated and more powerful than before. He told Vivian that they were not done yet and if she wanted Gilsander she would be able to have him.

Powers & Abilities

Vivian is a very formidable sorcerer and is the most powerful in all of Liones.


Perfect Cube:

A spell that creates an area that is inaccessible to all but the original caster. It reflects all force directed at it back at the source.

Band Room:

This allows Vivian to change the direction of an attack at will by making hand gestures.

Power Amplify:

This technique allows Vivian to empower others beyond their own power to an unknown degree.

Freeze Coffin:

Vivian draws a rectangle in the air with her fingers and the spell is cast, rendering her victim completely immobile.

Quad Element Destroyer:

Quad Element Destroyer
Quad Element Destroyer

Vivian manipulates 4 different elements, fire, water, earth and air. She creates orbs of said elements, combines them into one, then launches it at her foe. The result is a powerful explosion.


Vivian has shown the ability to nigh instantly transport herself or others at a whim. However her teacher Merlin is even more proficient with the technique.


Vivian has shown the ability to levitate and fly.


Claw-like Staff:

Vivian wields a staff that looks similar to a giant Spanish Tickler, an iron claw-like device used in medieval torture chambers.

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Gender: Unknown
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