Visitor is an anime episode of Heat Guy J that was released on 12/17/2002
Judoh is about to celebrate the return of the Celestials. The Celestials are a race of people who created the system that power Judoh and clean the water. They do the same thing for all the major cities that are left in the world. They visit Judoh every 18 years to perform a ceremony that will keep the high-end system running and only the celestials can maintain the system. Disaster strikes however when they the celestials are attacked by masked gunmen. Boma shows up to help but many of the celestials are killed. The survivors return to their ship and refuse to perform to ceremony unless those responsible for the attack are found. If the ceremony is not performed then Judoh will die. A glimmer of hope is found when it is revealed that one rogue celestial has left the ship and is walking the streets of Judoh. Dice and J are given the task of finding him. Their task becomes much more difficult when Claire Leonelli finds out about the celestial and takes an interest in finding him. The Celestial is called Ryan and he has taken a trip into the Underground. Ryan meets up with Rumie and she takes him on a tour of the Underground and talks about how the people in the Underground keep the city above running and ask for no reward. Rumie takes him to the Doc’s house where Boma is waiting and tries to get Ryan to come with him and perform the ceremony. Just then Claire shows up and abducts Ryan, stating that he is going to take him on a ‘special’ tour of Judoh.

Characters & Voice Actors

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