Virtual Bride

Virtual Bride is an anime episode of Btooom! that was released on 11/15/2012

Miyamoto, the mercenary, has found Sakamoto and his team. This dangerous player will do anything it takes to win.

— Crunchyroll

Plot Summary

Himiko tells Ryouta that she likes him virtually
Himiko tells Ryouta that she likes him virtually

In a virtual wedding, Himiko and Ryouta are now husband and wife. Ryouta wishes to see Himiko, but Himiko declines and explains that she likes him this way. From behind, Ryouta nearly dodges the man's knife. He jumps down the cliff, and Masashi follows him. Ryouta tries to convince Masashi to stop and reconsider joining him. Though, Masashi declines, and Soichi attacks Ryouta with a surprise timer BIM. Soichi kicks Ryouta for having three BIMs, and Ryouta tases Soichi and runs away. Masashi explains to Soichi that he let Ryouta go because Ryouta has friends. Back at the hideout, Himiko asks Ryouta if he was followed, and Himiko decides to leave the place. Then, Masashi arrives to the base and explains that he is a former mercenary who can easily track people in the jungle. He asks Himiko about taking Akechi's chip, and Himiko states she did not take it. Masashi tells her that he will strip her, and Ryouta demands Masashi to stop. Masashi is not fazed by Ryouta's taser, and he tells Ryouta that the only way out is to kill people in order to collect eight chips. Ryouta states that there is a way to get off this island and says that Tyrannos Japan is behind this game. Before Masashi can attack Ryouta, Taira tries to fight back only to get his fingers sliced off by Masashi. Ryouta tries to tase Masashi, but Masashi kicks Ryouta who falls from the hideout. Ryouta climbs back to see Taira crying and Himiko gone. Ryouta feels this is all his fault. He spots Himiko's cellphone and looks at the cosplay photo. He reads the name Himiko and thinks she is the online player whom he married.

Ryouta finds Himiko
Ryouta finds Himiko

When Ryouta is about to leave, Taira cries and begs Ryouta to no leave him. Taira states he won't stay sane. Over at Masashi's hideout, Himiko tries to break free from the bed and begs them to stop eating her food. When Masashi approaches her, Himiko asks him to kill her without violating her virginity. Masashi states that he will torment Himiko as he begins to slice Himiko's wrist. Suddenly, a radar fires twice, and Himiko fires twice back. When the rain is over, Masashi tells Soichi to set the timers up to 3 seconds. Soichi goes out to confront Ryouta, and Masashi lies in wait. Masashi senses someone walking by, and he strikes but stops before hitting Soichi. Ryouta sneaks around and almost trips a trap. He disarms the bomb, and he arrives to the room where Himiko is tied up. Himiko cries when she sees Ryouta, and Ryouta calls her Himiko. Himiko wonders how he knew her name, and Ryouta explains that he is Ryouta Sakamoto and that he married a virtual girl named Himiko. Himiko states that her real name isn't Himiko and that she does not play much video games.

Masashi: Fight me like a man
Masashi: Fight me like a man

The two exit the room only to be sensed by Masashi's radar. Masashi tells Soichi to head out front while he takes the other side. Soichi storms off in a delirious state. He starts blowing things up, and he chases Ryouta down the hall. Ryouta throws a BIM that kills Soichi. As the debris clear away, Masashi captures Himiko and throws the knife away. He tells Ryouta to fight him like a man and tries to entice Ryouta. Ryouta dives in for the knife, yet Masashi kicks and beats Ryouta. Masashi pins Ryouta, and Ryouta's life flashes right in front of him. Himiko dashes and grabs Masashi, and Masashi releases his grip on Ryouta. Masashi realizes that Himiko pulled one of the bombs on him, and he gets sprayed by searing gas. Ryouta and Himiko run towards a dead end, and Ryouta finds an exit above. He jumps up above, and Himiko jumps to grab Ryouta's hands. Suddenly, Masashi grabs Himiko's legs. Ryouta drops a timer, and Masashi goes down to deactivate the bomb. Masashi realizes this is Natsume's timer which blows up in three seconds. After the explosion, Ryouta and Himiko find out that they hugged each other, and the two look away with embarrassment. Meanwhile, Gemu comments on the latest development on Ryouta's battle in front of an audience who are watching from a computer screen.

Points of Interest

Manga & Anime Differences

  • The episode did not cover the full scene with Gemu who is speaking with his audience.


  • Japanese Name: 仮想花嫁
  • Manga Chapter: 25 - 31
  • Opening Theme: "No Pain, No Game" by Nano
  • Closing Theme: "Aozora (Blue Skies)" by May'n

Characters & Voice Actors

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