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I suppose it was because SENYU made me think of Arthur from GHOSTS ‘N GOBLINS last week. MVC3’s roster was already on my mind, so when I saw that the adventures of Viewtiful Joe were available for easy streaming on Crunchyroll, well… you can just guess how long I hesitated to watch.

As Alex EL and I have repeatedly observed, Capcom’s library of IP is just brimming with characters that they could easily license for an endless amount of anime. Much more so than Nintendo and SNK, for sure. Yes, we’ve seen such exploitations of STREET FIGHTER, MEGA MAN, DARKSTALKERS and RESIDENT EVIL already - - I do still believe that the designs and basic scenarios of discarded franchises like CAPTAIN COMMANDO, CYBERBOTS, RIVAL SCHOOL JUSTICE, STAR GLADIATOR and STYDER would be even more worthwhile source material. Every one of the characters in those games projects enough personality that their stories would just write themselves.

Out of the whole catalog, it’s probably no surprise that VIEWTIFUL JOE would be one that made this transition. I never owned Game Cube or PS2, so I never actually got to the play these games - - and thus, I can’t vouch for this - - but I’m told that this toon is pretty much just the games’ cut scenes strung together. To the players already familiar, I’m sure that was mildly frustrating. For me, though - - this is an easy way to see more of Joe without having to go through the trouble of hunting down outdated game consoles.

Chances are, a lot of you probably saw this dub when it was first running on Kids WB back in the aughts. Even if I didn’t know that, I’d still be smirking about how it feels a lot less like an anime and lot more like the kind of goofy, self-aware Saturday Morning programming I grew up on. As such, saying anything more than “it’s a good and fun diversion” feels like a waste of effort.

You just can't say "No!" to Joe. Though, considering how this ran for over 50 episodes, it's probably safe to say that he was employed to his absolute fullest extent.

Watch this episode, "Just a Dude Named Joe" here and decide for yourself.

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No Gamecube, no PS2? What did you do read BOOKS?

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This blog is VIEWTIFUL!!!

And does anyone else think that this new Wonderful 101 is kinda like this series?

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@UltimateHero0406: Kinda, but not. Doesn't have the same "energy" I'll say, but Wonderful 101 looks...wonderful!

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