Victorique is a anime/manga character in the GOSICK franchise
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The main character of Gosick. she has a knack for solving mysteries despite her young age.


Victorique is a mysterious blonde girl that attends St Margurette Academy in Saubure. despite this, she rarely attends class, and is often found reading at the top of the library tower, where she meets Kujo Kazuya in a fated encounter.

It is later revealed that she is the half-brother of Grevil de Blois, but because her father hated her mother, Victorique grew up in solitary confinement for most of her life, essentially as a prisoner in a gilded cage. When Kujo first meets her, she mentions that she is pretty much stuck in the library at the school unless Grevil says she is allowed to leave. On one hand, this upbringing has made her become incredibly intelligent and can think in lateral terms. However, she has difficulty adjusting to social situations, often speaking in blunt terms and finding astonishment at items most people consider mundane. Despite her brilliance at mystery solving, she still shows behavior of a little girl, particularly when she gets bored.


Victorique is created by Hinata Takeda, and she has no information regarding any inspiration used to create her. She first appears in Gosick light novel 1, volume 1, and episode 1. Her Japanese voice actress is Aoi Yuki.



She has striking green eyes, golden hair, and a petite body. For outfits, she usually wears gothic lolita style dresses with frills and a bonnet. Victorique carries a blue and white pipe which she uses to think like a detective. Victorique gets bored easily after solving the mysteries.


Victorique is a tsundere because she does not open her feelings easily to Kujo and treats him like a slave. For example, she only knocks out the Avril imposter with books to protect her servant, Kujo.


As she and Kujo solve mysteries, their relationship grows into a tight friendship through several events such as when Kujo almost falls to his doom during Harminia incident at Seyrun. Both Kujo and Victorique realize that they cannot be separated and that they need each other.

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Gosick Dolls
Gosick Dolls

Due to her popularity, Victorique has inspires companies to make dolls/figurines in her image. To the right, the Victorique's doll costs 98,700 Yen while Kujo's doll costs 92,000 Yen.

Voiced by
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Aoi Yūki
General Information Edit
Name: Victorique
Name: ヴィクトリカ・ド・ブロワ
Romanji: Vikutorika do Burowa
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Gosick #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Victoria
Victorique de Blois
The Golden Fairy
The Gray Wolf
Monstre Charmant
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Attractive Female
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