Vice TV: Gar Animals Edition!

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  Animal Kaiser, Perhaps The Greatest Animal Game in Existence: After watching this trailer i'm officially pissed off at the Lion King. This is the way animals should be seen to our human eyes, not weak creatures who can barely fight each other, but gods that can shoot fire and ice. Sadly, this game is only for the arcade. 
  I Just Can't Get Enough: Ok another Animal Kaiser trailer, this time featuring mecha animals and a lion with a giant sword. Seriously, I'm in love.  
  Another Amazing Game We Won't See: Here is DS 3D Hidden Picture, a game where you have to find hidden objects in the frame. However, what makes this game different is that it knows where you are in 3D space thanks to the camera, so that you can tilt the DSi and look through 3D space within the game. This is amazing technology and hopefully they put it in other games as well.  
  G.I. Joe Invade NERV: It appears that we all have been lied to, for the real invasion of Tokyo 3 was actually G.I. Joe's fault. Here is video evidence of the invasion, and with that we can now bring them to justice for their war crimes. You were heroes to us all, but now you are nothing more than war criminals.  Go Joe! 
  LEGO Starwars Epic Duel: Ok this really has nothing to do with anime or with Japan, but that doesn't matter because this is epic beyond it's LEGO exterior. Anyways, we all know that Japan invented the lightsaber, they are just hiding it for now.  
  Aflac Duck Marrys Cat, I Cry: God damn it this is the greatest wedding in existence. All you racists out there should shut your mouths, a marriage between a cat and a duck is beautiful. Especially if they can dance so well together.  
  Huge MUGEN Compilation: Have you ever wondered what it would look like if someone put almost ever MUGEN character in a giant parade and marched them in front of your face? Of course you haven't! But here it is anyways. I kind of want to make this into a giant poster and have it circle my room.  
  Fate Zero X Trigun: Fate Zero and Trigun had a baby, and this is what it  looks like. Please don't make fun of it at school.  
  Random Video of the Week:
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I have been wanting to play Animal Kaiser for a long time now.
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Len, you are a genius. Fate/Zero x Trigun? Kiritsugu and Kotomine as Vash and Knives!? BRILLIANT!!!
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@HeeroYuy: I try
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Wow. That SWU Lego short was amazing. Huh.
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@HeeroYuy said:
"Len, you are a genius. Fate/Zero x Trigun? Kiritsugu and Kotomine as Vash and Knives!? BRILLIANT!!!"

animal kasier, where all animal can fight each other, and breathe in water or fly
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