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A blue-eyed female cat with pink fur. She is the most sensible character, and she hardly ever tolerates stupidity.

Dr. Hobo

A alley-dwelling lunatic given to telling absurd, rambling stories, who tends to speak with a drunken slur. He may also be dead but due to the gag nature of the comic this does not necessary imply that Dr. Hobo is permanently dead.

Johnny Evilguy

A greedy and unscrupulous antagonist named after an example character in the Neverwinter Nights scenario creation guide. He usually appears as a shop owner, in various circumstances, often trying to rid himself of a surplus of testicle-based produce.


A horned red demon of limited intelligence, a childlike demeanor, and a voracious appetite (occasionally eating companions). Krug can act in a violent manner at times and tends to talk in the third person.

Leonardo III

Leonardo is a green-eyed male cate with grey fur, though he is more commonly known as Leo. He usually projects a general air of idiocy. He has shown signs of a deeper intelligence, or at least marginal quantities of common sense.

Major Payne

A large man wrapped in a black rubber suit (with the mouthpiece zipped shut that renders his speech unintelligable) wearing a green beret. Pantsman claims that Major Payne was expelled from the army for being a masochist, but is "a little fuzzy on the details".


The alter ego of Scott Ramsoomair, who is a incompetent superhero who conceals his identity by wearing trousers and sometimes underpants on his head. His weakness is vodka cooler, which causes him to drop his trousers and transform into Peter Pantsless.


A collectible card game fan oblivious to the finer points of social interaction. He is a Galka, a playable character race in "Final Fantasy XI".

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