VF-0 Phoenix Valkyrie

VF-0 Phoenix Valkyrie is a anime/manga thing
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The VF-0 was an advance prototype of the VF-1 Valkyrie Variable Fighter featured in the Macross Zero anime.


Roy leading the VF-0 Skull Squadron
Roy leading the VF-0 Skull Squadron

The VF-0 is an advanced prototype of the U.N. Spacey VF-1 Valkyrie Fighter. The main difference between the two fighters is that the VF-0 ran using conventional engines & fuel instead of the Thermonuclear Engines of the VF-1 thus they were a bit bulkier than future VF-1's. A minor difference is that the Squad leader (S versions) had only two head lasers instead of the four on the VF-1's. Also, the VF-0D was a two seat variable fighter and had large wings (and canard wings) as opposed to the swing wing design of the other VF-0's.

Weapons were identical to the later Valkyries.

The VF-0's had a Reactive Armor similar to the VF-1's with fewer missles than the later models. It was also usable in the atmosphere.

VF-0 Variable Fighter Models:

VF-0D Fighter
VF-0D Fighter

VF-0A: Single Seat version with a single head laser.

VF-0D: Dual Seat variant with fixed wings & forward canard wings. Mounts a single head laser.

VF-0S: Squad Leader version. Single Seat that mounts two head lasers.


VF-0S Fighter
VF-0S Fighter
  • The VF-0A/D Mount a fixed Mauler laser cannon while the VF-0S Mounts two.
  • The VF-0 Series carries a GPU-9 35 mm gatling gun pod with 550 rounds.
  • A maximum of 12 medium-range air-to-air missiles on three-missile racks, four GH-28A 8-tube general-purpose micro missile launchers, two medium-range maneuverability missile launcher pods, or a combination of the above mounted on four underwing variable pylon hard points or on two augmentative pylons welded to the conformal fuel tanks of craft's dorsal surface (special attack/assault specification).
  • Users have the option of reactive armor parts or one regular external atmospheric combat super parts (micro-missile launcher/conformal fuel tank FAST Pack with twenty-four micro-missiles each mounted on both leg/engine nacelle.
  • A QF-2200A Ghost unmanned fighter equipped with five micro-missile launchers can be mounted on the craft's dorsal surface and ejected when resources are spent.
  • The maximum payload of the VF-0D variant is 20% greater than the VF-0A/S variants due to the larger fixed wings.
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1st anime episode: Macross Zero #1
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