Velvet Kiss has already ended

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Warning! Not for Minors!

This is not children! It's a smut manga for adults. The differences between smut and genres like hentai and ecchi are that the manga shows no genitalia, but breasts are shown. Smut mangas are know for more storytelling and less sex. Examples of Smut Manga are Futari Ecchi, Love Junkies, Koi o Suru no ga Shigoto Desu, and Cross and Crime.

Greeting fans of Velvet Kiss! Today, I have bad news. Velvet Kiss manga series has already ended with a total of 32 chapters and 4 volumes (4th one not published yet). It was a good series with a crazy plot. I hated at first, but I liked it as the main protagonists, Nitta Shin and Kanoko Kikuchiya, became close. However, the plot simmers down too fast after the climax, and it gets boring a bit. It needed more tension and cheating to spice things up a bit.

For those who do not know Velvet Kiss, here is a synopsis (spoiler free).

Nitta Shin, an average businessman, has won the lottery, but he signed a contract under the influence. He gets into debt of 80 million Yen. His creditor tells him to keep a certain woman company in order for his debt to disappear.

Created by Chihiro Harumi and Published by Takeshobo

Dirty Synopsis: You got your Nitta, a regular office worker who scored the jackpot. When he got drunk and slept with a prostitute, he unknowingly signed a contract that got him into debt. The creditor, Ishizuka, tells him he can pay off his debt by going out with a rich, beautiful girl, Kanoko, and sleeping with her at the end of the day. (the lucky bastard) The only problem is that Kanoko calls the shots and makes Nitta skip work.

Can Nitta pay off his debt and keep his job while giving Kanoko, some love?


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The ending is bittersweet just like Kingdom Hearts and Ocarina of Time. I have some good news. The manga is going to be licensed in North America around June 2012. Support the series and Chihiro Harumi's works by buying the manga. I will buy it, but I have to hide it from family. It's the price of enjoying something so forbidden.

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I agree with the ending, but what can you expect from an anime that had so much unfaithfulness. I kind of liked this series more than the author's Love At Work series because I'm more into NTR.

Can I be your teammate?

I seen you have uploaded Project H manga titles, and I loved your work on Velvet Kiss, Isshoni H Shiyo, and Ring X Mama. I want to help out. Us hentai wiki editors got to stick together.

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Vol. 2 is coming out on Nov. 13, 2012. I suggest going to Fakkustore to get a better deal.

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Sure, go ahead! Oh, I'm more like Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs than a hentai wiki editor. The true H wiki editors are , FoxxFireArt, and .

Since you're new and I see your manga wiki pages needs some tweaking, we have a wiki guide.

For volumes

  • Plot summary
  • Contents
  • Notes

For Characters

  • Origin - Backstory or flasbbacks that occur before the main story line.
  • Creation - Who created or designed the character? Are any inspirations or concept art for the character? When did they first appear? List their Japanese and English voices.
  • Evolution - Talk about their character change in terms of appearance, personality, and relationships with prominent characters
  • Story Arcs - include plot details, condense them because we're streamlining them. For Slice of Life and Gag shows (IE: Sket Dance and Gintama), just give the important story arcs.
  • Power and Abilities - Just like the name said. Though, in your situation, I think Twiska has some powers due being to be succubus. Most H manga have regular people.
  • Other Media - List video games, merchandise, international voices

I'm sure you met . He can get you the Japanese information since most of these H stuff are pretty obscure. Plus, it's hard to get HI RES covers for some of them. Don't be shy to ask him for help. Be sure to check out Project H and Takeshobo wiki pages. There are some titles I'm missing. I'm glad to have another partner to work with.

Thanks for commenting. I liked Koi o Suru no ga Shigoto Desu better than Velvet Kiss because I'm more leaning towards Vanilla genre. About Fakkustore, it's pretty pricey, 25 bucks. At Amazon, it's $9.64 and at Barnes and Noble, it's $17.80.

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@AgentFakku: If you are curious as to how to go about doing a proper H-manga page, please refer to my two best pages below:

Maid Bride


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@takashichea: @ShadowKnight508:

Thanks guys. Though, I might not be able to work on the wiki pages as indepth as you do. I'll try.

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Editing a wiki page is like tempering a sword
Editing a wiki page is like tempering a sword

No problem. Don't worry about it if you can't make the wiki page as awesome. It takes time to make a good wiki page especially character pages. Think of wiki pages as you would temper a sword. It takes a lot of effort, time, and soul in making an awesome page.

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