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Hajime Nitta

He is Shin's brother in the Velvet Kiss franchise.


He's the loan officer who tells Shin Nitta about his 80 million dollar yen. He's a close friend of Kanoko.

Kanoko Kikuchiya

Kanoko is a young and rich daughter of Nitta's creditor. She orders Nitta to keep her company; she and Nitta have sex often.

Saeki Rumi

Nitta meets her; after a few dates, Nitta sleeps with her and decides she is the one.


She is Shin Nitta's coworker.

Shin Nitta

The business man who went from rich to being in debt. He has to keep Kanoko company which puts him at risk for his job.

Yanamoto Mitsumi

She seeks payback at the Kikichiya family for putting her into debt. She helps Nitta uncover secrets of the rich family.

Yoriko Kikichiya

She is the aunt/step-mother of Kanoko. She may appear to be kind and genital, but in reality she is manipulative, killer, unfaithful and the one who gave Nitta his 80 million Yen debt.


He is Kanoko's friend in the Velvet Kiss franchise. He hosts sex parties with Kanoko and is interested to make Kanoko happy.

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