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Nitta Shin, an average businessman, has won the lottery, but he signed a contract under the influence. He gets into debt of 80 million Yen. His creditor tells him to keep a certain woman company in order for his debt to disappear.


Velvet Kiss is created by Chihiro Harumi, and it is published by Takeshobo in the Vitamin magazine.


  • Takeshobo

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  • Nitta Shin - The business man who went from rich to being in debt. He has to keep Kanoko company which puts him at risk for his job.
  • Kanoko Kikichiya - A young and rich daughter of Nitta's creditor. She orders Nitta to keep her company; she and Nitta have sex often.
  • Yoriko Kikichiya - Step mother of Kanoko
  • Yuki - He is Kanoko's friend who is also rich. He spends his time in sex parties and wants Kanoko to be happy. He doesn't like Nitta much.
  • Sasaki - She is Nitta's coworker who wears glasses.
  • Nitta Hajime - Nitta's brother is a bum, but he offers to help Nitta to get out of his debt for cash.
  • Yanamoto Mitsumi - (Debut: ch. 10) - She seeks payback at the Kikichiya family for putting her into debt. She helps Nitta uncover secrets of the rich family.
  • Saeki Rumi (full name in ch. 13) - Nitta meets her; after a few dates, Nitta sleeps with her and decides she is the one.
  • Ishizuka - A man at the bank who knows Kanoko very well and told Nitta about his debt.
Book # Name Rating Release Date
Velvet Kiss volume 4
June 16, 2012
Volume 3
Sept. 27, 2011
Volume 2
April 7, 2011
Volume 1
May 7, 2010
General Information Edit
English Name Velvet Kiss
Japanese Name: ベルベット・キス
Romaji: Berubetto Kisu
Publisher Takeshobo
Start Year 2010
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Aliases Berubetto Kisu
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