Vein is an anime episode of Jormungand that was released on 05/08/2012

While sailing on a tanker somewhere off the coast of Africa, Koko receives a call from none other than her brother Kaspar Hekmatyar. He happens to be on a boat nearby, so he decides to come aboard and visit. Koko asks Wiley to lock Jonah in a room and teach him something.

However, Jonah later goes to the bathroom at the same time as Kaspar. Jonah takes out a switchblade and tries to stab Kaspar, but is stopped by his bodyguard Chiquita who bends his knife like a toy.

The episode then flashbacks to Jonah's past as a child soldier, where he and a few war orphans were being held at an army base somewhere in western Asia. Jonah tried to take care of his friends, but the soldiers took a few of them to probe for mines with their feet, including his friend Marka. When Marka never came back, Jonah decided to take revenge by slaughtering the soldiers in the army base one by one until he shot and killed their leader.

However, Kaspar and his team of bodyguards dropped into the compound and knocked Jonah out. It's revealed that Jonah's full name is Jonathan Mar, that Kaspar was planning to eliminate this army base anyways to clear the road for the country to bring commerce through, and that he was indirectly responsible for the death of Jonah's parents.

Jonah tries to kill him, but instead Chiquita throws him in a crate with nothing but a container of water and locks the door. Jonah sits there for five days, pondering his fate. When Kaspar reappears five days later. Jonah tries to attack again, but has no more strength left. So Kaspar makes a deal with him, to have Jonah serve as his sister Koko's bodyguard. In exchange, he'll give the surviving children from the base new identities and normal lives in the country of Japan.

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