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Vegapunk is a anime/manga character in the One Piece franchise
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Hello, everyone. Welcome to another One Piece Chapter Review, sickVisionz Bleach Manga #496 Hitler Stole the Bankai review is up, go check it out if you are a fan of Bleach. Also check out The Summer Anime 2012 by takashichea and Persona 3 get Green light By FoxxFireArt

Cover Page

Chapter 671: The Gas-Gas Fruit
Chapter 671: The Gas-Gas Fruit

This weeks cover page is Nami dress up like Cinderella (probably robbing a royal ball blind) with two mice and Chopper as a get away Carriage. I enjoy this cover page, it tell a nice little story (of Nami robbing people blind)


Law & Monet Sitting In A Tree
Law & Monet Sitting In A Tree

The Slime continues to spit pieces of itself across the lake, poisoning the lake in the process. Brook recognize the blob from a dirty book he have red. Despite this, Sanji who is in Nami's body decide to dives in to the lake and searches for the samurai's torso, since he/she is the fastest swimmer of Zoro's group. At the lab, Law asks Monet to accompany him through the laboratory, saying he want to borrow her powers. CC slips out of Luffy's hold, and demonstrates the combat abilities of his Devil Fruit as the two fight each other. Although Luffy appears unharmed after all of CC's poisonous and explosive attacks, he spontaneously collapses and CC laughs in triumph. Shortly after, Law suddenly falls down injured in the laboratory, before being confronted by a mysterious figure he recognizes.

The Good

+Brook recognize the Slime from a dirty book

I Also Need Duck Tape
I Also Need Duck Tape

+The Samurai & Sanji who in Nami's body want to borrow the book

+The part with Monet & Law

+The Fight with Luffy & CC

+Franky suggesting to put CC into a barrel

The Bad

-I have to wait two weeks to see who is the mysterious person is

-Also Oda forgot to make Sanji in Nami's body coat disappear, when he/she take it off

My Thoughts

Man, this was an awesome chapter. It have great fighting and it move the story along. I got some theories of who is the mysterious person at the end of the chapter. It might be Joker, since Law was surprise seeing him there or its Kuzan (Aokiji) judging from his feet, and he might of stay on the island or it could be Vegapunk


This was an awesome chapter, it got me hype up for next chapter in two weeks

I'll give this chapter a 4.5 out of 5, it was an awesome chapter but having to wait two weeks drop the rating down

So what did you guys think of the chapter?

1 is really bad, 2 is bad but have some good scenes, 3 is OK, 4 is good and 5 is Awesome!

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Beep Beep

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Welcome to Anime Vice - Level 2!

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