Vandread: The Second Stage Characters

Vandread: The Second Stage is an anime series in the Vandread franchise
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Amarone Slaintheav

One of the operators for the Nirvana.

Barnette Orangello

A Dread pilot in the anime / manga Vandread, and a close friend of Jura. She loves weapons and seems to have a very large collection.

Bart Garsus

A man used as a battery for the Nirvana.

Belvedere Coco

One of the operators for the Nirvana.


Rabats partner.

Buzam A. Calessa

The sub-commander of the spaceship Nirvana in Vandread.

Celtic Midori

One of the operators for the Nirvana who likes to wear costumes.

Dita Liebely

The upbeat and energetic female lead of Vanguard who is obsessed with aliens.

Duelo McFile

An upper class doctor from Taraak, who extends his service to the Crew of the Nirvana after becoming one of their captives, early on in the series.

Ezra Vieil

One of the bridge crew on the Nirvana in Vandread who works with communications. She is also pregnant throughout most of the first series, showing how in the Vandread world humans have continued to survive even though men and women are separated by planets.

Gascogne Rheingau

Hibiki Tokai

A hot-headed, lower class Taraak boy who aspires for more out of life than his social class can give him.

Jura Basil Elden

A Dread pilot in the anime / manga Vandread. She is very vain and depends a lot on Barnette.


Ezra's baby who is born early in Second Stage. All of the crew take a shine to her and it was Magno Vivian who choose the name.


The leader of a group of people hiding from the Harvesters and Rabat's girlfriend.

Magno Vivian

The commander of the pirates.

Meia Gisborn

The Dread squadron commander in the anime Vandread. She is very serious and stoic, and rarely smiles.

Misty Cornwell

A refugee from a colony on Pluto that was rescued by the crew of the Nirvana at the Beginning of Vandread: Stage Two.

Paiway Underberg

The Nirvana's nurse.

Parfet Balblair

Parfet is the Nirvana's mechanic. She becomes good friends with Duelo (with whom she develops a mutual attraction), and does not appear in the manga.


A small robot who was originally a navigation NAVI robot on board the original colony ship Ikazuchi. After falling into the Paksis Pragma Pyoro was upgraded and given Artificial Intelligence.


An intergalactic trader who travels with his partner a female orangutan named Butan.


Terminally ill little girl Bart befriended in episode 3. She made him a doll in his likeness but was unable to finish adding the hair to it. When she died Bart decided to shave his hair off in her memory.

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