Van Fanel

Van Fanel is a anime/manga character in the The Vision of Escaflowne franchise
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The other protagonist of Escaflowne, Van Fanel is the second prince and current King of the exterminated Fanelia kingdom. He transported to Earth while completing a right of passage to the throne. Kill a land dragon and bring back its energist.


 King Van Fanel
 King Van Fanel
Van was born half Draconian on his mother's side. The Draconians were the descendants of Atlantis and are labeled as evil so Van's family had to keep their origins secret. Their appearance is human but the one distinguishing factor is their ability to sprout wings and fly. In an attempt to impress his friend Merle he tried to fly at a very young age but failed miserably. Van's mother, Queen Varie, saves him with the use of her wings. She tells Van to never use his ability to fly unless it is absolutely necessary.  
When Van's father, King Goau, died when he was 5 years old his brother, Folken, took the rite of dragon-slaying to become the next king of Fanelia. Folken fails this task and runs away, Van thinks he is killed but the rest of Fanelia believes Folken ran away. Queen Varie goes on a search to look for Folken but never returns and the master knight of Fanelia, Balgus, becomes Van's trainer and  adopted father.

Van's Arrival to Earth

At the age of fifteen Van set out to perform the same rite of passage every potential King of Fanelia must perform. When Van engages the dragon in battle he is mysteriously transported to Earth where he interrupts Hitomi Kanzaki running a 100 meter dash. Van's battle rampages all over Hitomi's high school and he quickly subdues the dragon. However, the dragon's weaken state is a feint. Hitomi sees a vision of Van falling for the tactic and is killed but warns Van in time. He dodges the dragon's attack and kills it, taking its heart. When the battle ends Van is transported away and Hitomi along with him, returning to Gaea and becomes the next King of Fanelia. 


When the a potential King of Fanelia completes the rite of passage he must present the dragon's heart to Escaflowne. A large guymelef armed with a massive sword it is the most prized possession of the Kingdom of Fanelia. The blood pact between the Escaflowne and the pilot allows for better mobility and responsiveness. The down-side is whatever damage the Escaflowne receives so does the pilot. Also the Escaflowne can only be repaired by a mysterious group of people who can only be summoned via Escaflowne. Van finds this out the hard way as he is almost killed after a battle where Escaflowne took serious punishment. It is also revealed that even the repair process is felt by the pilot as well.  


Van and Hitomi  
Van and Hitomi originally did not get along very well. He treated rudely and addressed her in a demeaning way, their relationship was more out of necessity than desire. Hitomi constantly sees images of Van rushing into risky situations and getting horrifically murdered but she saves him every time. Hitomi also sees visions of a shadowy winged figure saving her as she falls from a great height and believes it is Allen Schezar. The vision comes true and she is shocked to find out it was Van Fanel who is her rescuer. Van promised his mother he would hide his wings but breaks it to save Hitomi. Merle tells Hitomi to look away at the sight of Van and his wings but Hitomi believes they are beautiful. Van and Hitomi grow closer as the series progress and eventually fall in love. When Hitomi teleports herself back to Earth because of her inability to cope with the violence on Gaea Van is the one who comes looking for her. At the end of the series they separate to their respective worlds but not before revealing their feelings for each other. 
Van and Merle 
Merle is an orphan and has been friends with Van since childhood. She is an orphan and understands what Van goes through as an orphan himself. Merle constantly adds the "-sama" honorific to Van even before he turns king and is deeply infatuated with him. Van sees more like a friend and a sister than a love interest. At the end of the series shes comes to terms with the extent of their relationship and even helps Van realize he is in love with Hitomi.
Voiced by
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Tomokazu Seki
Kirby Morrow
Rank Game #437 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Van Fanel
Name: バァン・ファーネル
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Vision of Escaflowne #1
1st anime episode: The Vision of Escaflowne #1
1st anime movie: Escaflowne
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