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Vampires is a anime/manga concept
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Yuki Cross's Anti-vampire Weapon that takes the form a 20 cm long rod, which can be extended and eventually can turn into a scythe.

Bloody Rose

Zero's weapon.


one of Alucard's guns


A box in which a corpse is buried or cremated.

Cordelia's Dress

The torn and bloody dressed of the triplets deceased mother. It holds Cordelia's soul.


Sharp, pointed teeth that are very common with vampires, wolves and other beasts and carnivores.

Freak Chips

The Freak Chip is used in the hellsing series to implanet humans who have not been turned by a vampire. It then gives them powers simular to a vampire and in some cases even more powerful skills then expected.


The Hellsing ARMS 13 mm Auto Anti-Freak Combat Pistol known as Jackal. It is Alucard's specialized and personal firearm.

Microfiliament wires

razor wires inside gloves used by Walter C. Dornez

Stone Mask

An item created by the ancient being Kars, this item can turn ordinary humans into super powerful beings known as vampires.This item is what turned the now legendary Dio Brando into a vampire.

Subaru's Knife

A dagger that was given to Subaru by his deceased mother Christa. It has the ability to kill vampires and can be wielded by other vampires.

The Rosario

A limiter Rosario to Vampire franchise that suppresses the negative energy of Vampires making them less powerful and overall nicer.


A body part that is usually found on animals that fly (like birds and bats). It allows them to fly (obviously) and/or glide in the air. Mostly made out of scales, skin, or feathers.

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