I Do Not Want To Write This: Twilight...Anime?

Topic started by gia on March 16, 2009. Last post by dndcat 4 years, 4 months ago.
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Sure, we've heard people talk about how Twilight might make an interesting anime (especially given the popularity of vampire titles like Vampire Knight, Trinity Blood, Hellsing, Vampire Hunter D, Black Blodod Brothers, etc.

But...could it actually be happening? That's what the Sci Fi-- err, SyFy Wire says. Apparently in the DVD commentary, director Catherine Hardwicke says that she thinks “there's going to be an anime version of this in Japan.”

Reactions, and...go!

Here are some of mine:

- Maybe they'll hand this off to Gonzo, who has such a reputation for taking literature and changing it drastically. (You know, like Count of Monte Cristo in space, Romeo and Juliet with Pegasi, etc.) Perhaps the result of combining Gonzo with BAD literature would be...an astonishingly awesome anime. Maybe they'd do like, Twilight, but instead of humans and vampires, it'd be zombies and vampires!

- On the other hand, maybe it could go to Hideaki Anno. Maybe Edward could bitch a lot, and he'd add in an alcoholic older vampire. Oh, and Edward's dad? Gloves and glasses, baby. Gloves and glasses.

- Last but not least....Blood: The Last Vampire crossover, anyone?
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"Fucking shit cock sucking ass munching ARRRRGH."
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Post by gia (3,032 posts) See mini bio Level 13
This is the first time I've ever felt ashamed about liking anime. <_<
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This might turn out better then the pathetic Romeo and Juliet anime.
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Gia, you live in Oregon, right? Go get Bruce Campbell to stop this anime from being made, he'll do anything!
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Baku_Sensei: I would totally do that, if I could find his address.

...And if I didn't think he might kick MY ass for bothering him. @_@
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why make an anime out of it ? they arent even done with the movies yet
and it would only be the 1,000,000,000th time there is a vampire love story in anime
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charmanderomega: After a project is greenlit, it can take a couple of years for an anime to actually get made and start airing.


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So....Is it 2012 yet ?
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WoW this is gonna be a EPIC FAIL i think this is gonna be the only Vampire anime i wont like xP
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DO. NOT. WANT. Guh, an anime version? .... Which will lead to convention appearances (DDDDDDDDDDDD:) and further ass loads of non-canon merchandise and a higher crazed level of fangirlism. >_<
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SYLiENT: Yeah...*sigh*

Although the optimist side of me says: maybe they'll give it to Gonzo, who will change it so vastly it'll actually be decent.
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... did Twilight (the movie) even do well in Japan? >_>

GAHH HELL NO GTFO OF MY ANIMU. I tried reading the first book since it's popular and I was sure what the hell but after a bit more than 30 pages NO. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NO.

[/cap lock cruise control for coolness]
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RedRoses: It hasn't opened there yet-- won't do so until April 4th.

Which makes me wonder...it seems odd that this director would let loose a leak like that (which, particularly in Japan, would be a Big Freakin' Deal). I wonder if an official announcement is due when the movie opens?
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Will soccer moms love it? That is the question

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^ Ghost post! I thought that was fixed already... EDIT: The power of the Delete link exorcised that poor ghost. hehehe

I guess I should be thankful I don't even know what Twilight is... (maybe I shouldn't check, either? ^_^;)
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Ahh... well hopefully it does bad in Japan then.*knocks on wood*

@jlrm01: Don't bother at all. The series is aimed for pre-teen/teenage girls who like to have sparkly vampires that glisten in the sun. I'm not kidding either, I wish I was. The fangirls of Twilight are just as obnoxious as typical yaoi fangirls who screech really loud at conventions... >_>
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Gia: XD Does vastly different mean the entire storyline will be gutted? If so great. I mean heck - I like some of the artistic direction in the movie (the interaction with the parents... basically anything that wasn't in the book). ... I had to see how bad it was. Just the whole... almost-rapist-stalker-vampire Edward and the flat characters bother me to no end (... and the fact that "Pheonix, Arizona" in the film was my damn town - it's bad enough that Shark*Boy*Jacob attended my high school and now my college due to the crazies).

If it is happening... heck Japan. Run with it. What do you think Gonzo will do to it Gia? I'm hoping that'll be reminiscent of Speed Grapher, Basilisk, and just a bit of Black Cat. ... But I'll doubt that. If another company acquires the project - dress 'em all up in cutesy outfits and make it an idol competition for the hell of it.

EDIT: jlrm01: DON'T. It's an older woman's wet dream with fake ass vampires. .... If anything, read all the wonderful spoofs of it. .. Including one on LiveJournal where someone is basically translating each chapter. You will die laughing.
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