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Blood sucking creatures of the night, although not always evil necessarily. They are a staple of countless anime and manga series.

  1. Vampires (also known as the "Nosferatu") are said to be the lords of the night and the very children of Satan himself. Most of them take a very human-like form, making them very hard to differentiate from humans, but the following features tends to be very common on vampires: a love for coffins and blood, lack of a reflection in the mirror, pale skin, red eyes, exposed fangs, weakness to sunlight, regeneration, transformation (can vary from bat to wolf and even fog) and a love for the full-moon. Some can even summon undead, demons and familiars wile controlling the minds of foes.

Ways to become a vampire are many, but the most common reason for vampirism is to be bitten by another vampire. Some other causes includes suicide, a pact with the devil, being buried without prayers, death of a violent cause, the denial of motherly breast milk, having your corpse tread over by a cat or a wolf, denying the existence of God, being the seventh child of a seventh child or mixing your own blood with a vampire.

They are known to have massive strength and speed and can kill most humans at the blink of an eye, but being the children of everything unholy, the seem to have a fatal weakness against anything holy or pure. Holy water has an acid-like effect on the Nosferatu, a cross seems to instill a great fear in most vampires, garlic is poison to them, holy ground ( sutch as temples or cathedrals ) can toast them, sunlight can turn the children of the night into ashes, a wooden stake through the heart will stop their pulse and even the coldest silver can scorch ost vampires flesh of. Decapitation also seems to be very effective against them. There is also the belief that they can't enter a building unless they are invited by someone inside the building they want to enter ( even if it is on holy ground ), though this only works on a VERY few ammounts of vampires and should not be a method to fully rely on if you should ever find yourself to be a target of these creatures.

But if you want to cure a friend who was bitten by a vampire, then there is only one cure: you must kill the vampire who bit him/her.

Very few creatures can match the powers of a vampire, but one of those creatures are the werewolfes. It is rumored that the vampires and the wolf-men has something in common due to the similar powers they have. One theory is that the werewolves are in fact wolves who were bitten by vampires or cursed by the devil. Even if these two creatures have a connection or not does not seem to matter to them since they are in constant conflict against each others, where they seem to be very even in both strength and numbers.

Vlad Tepes the Third (also known as "Dracula" or "the Impaler"), the sadistic and cruel dictator of Transylvania, is said by many people to be the very first vampire. Some even say that he is the son of the Devil himself, because very few believed that any man could be as sickening or evil as Vlad Tepes was.

There is still some debate going on if vampires should be considered demons or undead, since they used to be living humans and now share many elements with the undead, but also seems to posses way more power than any undead. It is even debated if the Succubi are vampires or not.

In the past, the belief of vampires was very common, mostly in Europe, where many people were accused of being vampires due to looking different from the majority of the population. This belief mostly spawned due to the foundings of several caskets having corpses that have seemed to have moved at some point in the casket, along with odd scratch-marks on the inside. This was sadly the cause of people being buried alive, due to them appearing as if they were dead. There was also a disease known as "Porphyria" that gave similar symptoms to vampirism, Drinking blood was said to be helpful against the symptoms, such as pale skin and exposed teeth.

The fame of vampires in literature started when Bram Stoker wrote his world-famous book called "Dracula", where not only the son of Satan was introduced to us for the first time, but also his nemesis, the doctor and vampire hunter Van Hellsing. Other famous vampire-related works in media includes "Nosferatu", "From Dusk till Dawn", " Twilight", "Blade" and "Underworld".


AnimeSkin ColourFangsReflectionShadow
Vampire KnightYes?
Rosario + VampireOrdinaryYes
Dance in the Vampire BundYes
Trinity Blood
Record of a Fallen Vampire
Black Blood Brothers
Lunar Legend TsukihimePale for Dead Apostles, Ordinary for True AncestorsYes?Yes
Cirque Du Freak
Blood: The Last Vampire
Fortune Arterial


AnimeStakeSunlightDecapitationDrowningFireSilverGarlicHoly symbolsRunning waterInvitation
Vampire KnightLikely
KarinYesYes, if exposed too longLikelyLikelyLikelyNoYesNoNoNo
HellsingOnly blessed bladesYes but for weaponsYesYes
Rosario + VampireNo, but water can harm them.
Dance in the Vampire BundYes
Trinity Blood
Record of a Fallen Vampire
Black Blood Brothers
Lunar Legend TsukihimeNoYes for Dead Apostles, No for True Ancestors. Stronger Dead Apostles have resistance.NoNoNoNoNoYes, though stronger ones have resistance to weaker weapons.Yes for most Dead Apostles, no for True Ancestors.No
Cirque Du Freak
Blood: The Last Vampire
Fortune Arterial

Supernatural Powers

AnimeImmortalUnnatural strengthUnnatural sensesUnnatural speedUnnatural healingFlightShapeshiftingMind PowersTelekinesisPyrokinesisOther
Vampire KnightYesNoNoNoYes
KarinExtended lifeYesYesYesYesSomeNoYesNoNoYes
ShikiYesNoYesNoYesYes, levitationNoYesNoNoNo, only gifted
Rosario + VampireYesYesNo
Dance in the Vampire BundYesYesNo
Trinity Blood
Record of a Fallen Vampire
Black Blood Brothers
Lunar Legend TsukihimeYesYesYesYesYesVariesVariesYes, via Mystic Eyes of EnchantmentNoNoVaries
Cirque Du Freak
Blood: The Last Vampire
Fortune Arterial


AnimeFertileReproduce via biteReproduce via transfusionReproduce via consumption of vampire blood after biteInhabited by demons
Vampire KnightYesNoYesNo
KarinYes, except for half-vampiresNoNoNoNo
ShikiNoYes, only if victim dies afterNoNoNo
Rosario + VampireNo
Dance in the Vampire BundNo
Trinity Blood
Record of a Fallen Vampire
Black Blood Brothers
Lunar Legend Tsukihime?YesYesNoNo
Cirque Du FreakNo
Blood: The Last Vampire
Fortune Arterial
General Information Edit
Concept Name Vampires
Japanese Name: 吸血鬼
Romaji Name: Kyuuketsuki
Aliases Nosferatu
Children of the Night
Children of the devil
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