Vampire Knight Characters

Vampire Knight is an anime series in the Vampire Knight franchise
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Hanabusa Aidou

"Idol" of Cross Academy, an aristocrat with an icy power, and Kaname's right-hand man.

Headmaster Kaien Cross

Headmaster Kaien runs Cross Academy with the idea that vampires and humans can live together.

Ichiru Kiryuu

Zero's twin brother and enemy

Kain Akatsuki

Better known as Wild and is also the cousin of Aido. He is one of Kaname's right hand men.

Kaname Clan

One of the few remaining pureblood vampires in existance, Kaname Kuran is the undisputed leader of the vampires at Cross Academy.

Maria Kurenai

Allowed Shizuka to possess her in exchanged for her pure blood but since she died prematurely this was never fulfilled and she returned home still sickly.

Ruka Souen

Seems to dislike Yuuki beacause Kaname loves her

Sayori Wakaba

Yuuki's dorm mate and best friend.

Shizuka Hio

She is the deadly pure blood vampire who bit Zero and possessed Maria. However, she was later killed by Kaname.

Takuma Ichijou

The Vice President of the Night Class.

Toga Yagari

Toga Yagari is the current top ranked vampire hunter.

Yuuki Cross

A cute, chipper brunette hiding a very sad past, some of which she herself isn't really aware of.

Zero Kiryuu

Zero Kiryuu (錐生零) The silver-haired scion of a family of vampire hunters.

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