Palmiotti Says No Vampire Hunter D: American Wasteland

Topic started by gia on Oct. 6, 2009. Last post by gia 5 years, 4 months ago.
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Comic Vine spent the weekend in Long Beach at LB Comic-Con, and true to form, they scored a lot of interviews. One of themis with Jimmy Palmiotti-- and I expect only a couple of you might remember that Palmiotti was scheduled to create an American Vampire Hunter D comic, Vampire Hunter D: American Wasteland.  At Comic-Con, Tony asked about D, and found that the project has been scrapped for the time being. Apparently there were disagreements with the license-owners. Palmiotti says:

"The guys that own the license wanted it their way or the highway, and you know, when I was initially hired it was to get 'my version' of Vampire Hunter D...and the license people weren't that excited about having any other version but the one they had, and I said 'honestly, then, you could get anybody to write this.'"

  Palmiotti backed out of the project, although he expresses disappointment that the original VHD things they initially put together will probably never see the light of day. (I am too!) It's unclear at this time whether Asahi Sonorama, Vampire Hunter D's publisher in Japan, might try to get another American artist to do the project.

Palmiotti's still working on plenty of other stuff, though-- Jonah Hex, Power Girl, and plenty more. Here's the video from Comic Vine!
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Why does no one on the site care about Vampire Hunter D except me? 
I was nervous about this project initially, but now I'm sad it's not coming out. VHD merch is so scarce, and it would have been an interesting addition to the franchise.
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@Galamoth: *I* cared about it! I thought it was kind of interesting, and I'm sorry they couldn't work out a way to make both Palmiotti and the Japanese copyright holders happy.
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