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Valvrave the Liberator is an anime series in the Valvrave the Liberator franchise
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Dakimakura is a portmanteau of "dakishime" (hugging) and "makura" (pillow). They are body pillows featuring (mainly) female anime characters and are meant to snuggle with.

RM-11 Valvrave One

Valvrave One is Haruto's Valvrave.

RM-31 Valvrave Three

The third mech in the Valvrave series.

RM-47 Valvrave Four

Valvrave Four is Saki Rukino's Valvrave.

RM-56 Valvrave Five

The fifth mech in the Valvrave series.

RM-69 Valvrave Six

The sixth mech in the Valvrave series.

Valvrave Two

Valvrave Two is a Valvrave that was stolen by Cain.

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