Valkyria Chronicles PSP Sequel Announced

Topic started by gia on July 15, 2009. Last post by HeeroYuy 5 years, 7 months ago.
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Anime fans, generally speaking, really like Valkyria Chronicles. And why shouldn't we? It features one of our top voice actresses (the scrumptious Marina Inoue as Alicia), animated cut scenes, and of course, a top-notch anime adaptation by A-1 Pictures. And now word is that the game will see a sequel.

It's interesting that a sequel was announced considering all the whining about how it didn't sell as well as Sega hoped-- I guess it sold well enough, at least. The sequel will take place two years after the original in Gallia, which is worn out from the war in the first game. A rebel organization, the Gallia Revolutionary Army, is threatening an ethnic minority in the south part of the nation, and the government is forced to activate studying cadets into the army.

One of these cadets is our new hero, Avan Hardence. The game will feature a similar battle system, although much of the story will also take place around Hardence's school, which might be interesting. 1UP suggests that we might see a “school life simulator” built into the game, but as far as I can tell that's pure speculation at the moment.

Interesting stuff! Will you pick up the PSP sequel?
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In the words of Vyse, "YEEEEHAAAAWW!!!"

And Gia, if it sold well enough in Japan (seeing as it got an anime even), I don't think it's that big a deal to them that it didn't sell so well stateside. Sadly though, this may mean we won't see it over here officially.... downloadable maybe?
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BTW, Vyse show up in the anime version.
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@HeeroYuy: The anime adaptation would have been well in the works prior to the game's release-- usually an anime project is in the early planning stages a couple of years prior to it actually airing, according to my understanding :)
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@lanaswift: Ah, I didn't know that. I don't know a whole lot about the early stage planning of shows, though there was still a little over a year between the game's release in Japan and the anime. In any case, it still sold really well over there.
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