Valentine's is a Day for Chocolate

Valentine's is a Day for Chocolate is an anime episode of The Pet Girl of Sakurasou that was released on 02/05/2013
Mashiro has asked Sorata to meet her on the roof, his mind races considering today is Valentine’s Day. But a frantic call from Nanami throws everything out the window.
— Crunchyroll

Plot Summary

Sorata marvels at Misaki's chocolate creations, and he wishes Nanami, good luck. Meanwhile, Ayano calls Mashiro to do a cover since one of the artists is sick. Sorata is surprised at Mashiro who has got herself ready, and when he tries to check Mashiro's bag, Mashiro pulls her bag away. Out of nowhere, Rita drops by unannounced, and she informs them that she is here for the challenge of Valentine's Day. In class, Nanami tries to remind Sorata about his promise, yet Miyahara interrupts them when he wishes Nanami, good luck. Over at the hall, Rita tries to get to Akasaka who would not open the door for her. When Akasaka states that he just sent a New Years Card out of tradition, Rita is a bit sad.

When Sorata's phone rings, he learns that the train is stalled due to an accident. He asks Miyahara to lend him the bike, but Miyahara insists on giving Sorata a ride to the station. Though, he collapses out of exhaustion on the hill. Miyahara explains that his power of love is actually the love of a loser. Sorata did not understand Miyahara, yet Miyahara realizes that the person that Nanami called first was Sorata. At the train station, Sorata urges Nanami to get on the bike. Back at Sakura Hall, Akasaka enters the hallway and into the kitchen where he reads Rita's letter. He learns that Rita's first kiss is Akasaka. On the way to Nanami's auditions, Sorata asks Nanami to practice her line, and when Nanami hugs Sorata tightly and does a love confession, Sorata stops abruptly. Nanami states that it was just a line. After Nanami is gone, Sorata heads back to Suiko. On the roof, he spots Mashiro who remarks that Sorata always break his promise. Mashiro offers Sorata some bamboo shoots, and when she asks Sorata to hold her hand, she quickly changes her mind. Sorata tells Mashiro that he needs her more than ever. Coming back to Sakura Hall, Nanami welcomes them, and Mashiro asks where is Rita. Akasaka informs that Rita has gone home. During dinner, Sorata pieces all of stuff that Nanami said and freaks out. He thinks that Nanami does not have feelings for him.

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The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Miyahara: "The power of a loser's love. Nanami rejected me. Ride like the wind, Sorata! (exhausted) The one Nanami called when she was in trouble ... was you!"
— Explaining to Sorata
Nanami: "Kanda-kun, you're always so kind. ... He's always so close to my heart. (thinking)
I... I've always... always... I've always loved you. I love you. How was that? Was it believable?"
— Rehearsing her lines with Sorata


  • Japanese Name: "Barentain wa Choko no Hi yo" (バレンタインはチョコの日よ)
  • Opening Theme: "Yume no Tsuzuki" (夢の続き) by Konomi Suzuki
  • Ending Theme: "Prime Number (Kimi to Deaeru Hi)" (Prime Number ~君と出会える日~) by Asuka Ookura

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Hajime Kamoshida Original Concept Hajime Kamoshida is the creator of Pet Girl Sakurasou.


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