Uzu Sanageyama

Uzu Sanageyama is a anime/manga character in the Kill la Kill franchise
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Uzu Sanageyama is the chair of the Athletic Committee.


Three years ago at the Northern Kanto, Susukigahara, Uzu and his 500 men confronted Satsuki's group. Uzu's men were easily blown away by Satsuki's chi. When Uzu fights Satsuki in a duel, Satsuki defeats Uzu by the hilt of her sword.


Uzu Sanageyama is the supporting character of the Kill la Kill anime series that was produced by Trigger. It's directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and written by Kazuki Nakashima. The character design was done by Sushio. The series first began in October 3, 2010.

His first anime appearance was in Kill la Kill - Episode 1 "If Only I Had Thorns Like A Thistle…". His character in the Japanese series was voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama.

A tie-in manga series illustrated by Ryou Akizuki began on October 4, 2013 in Kadokawa Shoten's Young Ace magazine.



Uzu is a medium build man with messy, dark green hair and black eyes. Before he sewn his eyes shut, he wears a white, Honnouji Academy uniform, his Goku Uniform. He wears with the front part open, revealing a small necklace. It has 3 large spikes on his shoulders. After he is defeated by Ryuko, he sewn his eyes and wears a green mask.


Uzu is a competitive person who seeks stronger opponents. Despite his first lost with Ryuko, he will go to great lengths to appeal to Satsuki for another rematch.


  • Satsuki - He finds her a worthy opponent, and after his defeat, he swore his loyalty to her.

Powers & Abilities

Uzu is a master of the kendo arts. After being defeated by Ryuko, his senses dramatically increases when he sacrifices his eyesight.

Goku Uniform

His Three-Star Goku Uniform: Blade Regalia is the first uniform.
Higi Tengantsu
Higi Tengantsu
Higi Tengantsu ( 天眼通, Higi Tengantsū) - an ability to allow him to read his opponents' moves. This was an old ability before Uzu had Shiro sewn his eyes shut.
Shinsoku-Senbonzuki - Uzu (神速千本突き, Shinsoku Senbonzuki) unleashes a barrage of attacks.
Three-Star Goku Uniform: Blade Regalia MKII
Three-Star Goku Uniform: Blade Regalia MKII
In his second uniform, Uzu had lost his Shingatsu (心眼通, Shingantsū) which allows him to increase his affinity with his Goku Uniform. He has increased heightened senses. His kendo attacks are brutal and swift.
His third upgrade increases his speed, strength, and senses.
Finishing Move: Isshin ZenzankenFinishing Move: Isshin Zenzanken (必殺 一心全山劍, Hissatsu: Isshin Zenzanken) This move focuses all of his might in one strike. He could not use it against Ryuko due to his Goku Uniform overheating. When he uses it against Nui, Nui removes his Banshi.
Voiced by
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Nobuyuki Hiyama
General Information Edit
Name: Uzu Sanageyama
Name: 猿投山 渦
Romanji: Sanageyama Uzu
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Kill la Kill #1
1st anime movie:
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