Uumen Umeda

Uumen Umeda is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Uumen Umeda was the Business Bureau Director for the IGO. It's later revealed that he was working as a spy for the mysterious organization NEO.


Nothing is currently known about Uumen Umeda's origins. However he joined the Organization NEO at some point in time. Whether it was before or after joining the IGO is not currently known.


Uumen Umeda is a secondary antagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.


Aside from Uumen's allegiance, nothing has changed about his character.


Uumen Umeda is a man of average height. He has an average build with tan skin. He has a long face with and is always wearing a pair of sunglasses. He has black hair styled into a bob cut and noticeable chest hair.


Uumen's personality is a rather flashy and eccentric. He is always seemingly in good spirits regardless of what may be occuring.


Any relationships Uumen had prior to the events of the Cooking Festival Arc are presumably false. Currently he has no noteworthy relationships aside from his being a part of NEO.

Story Arcs

Garara Gator Arc

Uumen Umeda makes his first appearance in chapter 1. He is in fact the first character in the series. He is seated at Hotel Gourmet looking through the menu. He requests the Galala Gator which was not on the menu. The manager said it was not possible given the rarity and ferocity of the Galala Gator. Uumen suggests that the Hotel hire Toriko for the job.

Puffer Whale Arc

Uumen is seen at a meeting of the Bureau Chiefs. He discusses the recent attacks launched by the Bishokukai on the various Biotopes. They had stolen the Rainbow Fruit and killed all the Troll Kongs in the 8th Biotope. It was believed to have been at the hand of one of the Bishokukai GT Robos. He recommends that they assemble the Four Heavenly Kings to deal with the situation.

Four Beast Arc

During the invasion of Human World at the hands of the Four Beast, Mansam was set to step in and take care of the beast, however Uumen stopped him and stated that the Four Heavenly Kings should deal with the beast themselves so that they could grow in power. This was likely insincere though as his true allegiance lied elsewhere.

Cooking Festival Arc

When IGO Headquarters was informed of the battle at Cooking Festival, Uumen stated to Shigematsu via phone that he had no use for the IGO anymore. It was then shown that Uumen had murdered all the other Bureau Chiefs present at IGO Headquarters and revealed that he was a NEO spy who had infiltrated the IGO.

After the Cooking Festival battle, Uumen is seen alongside Joa, Mohyan Shaishai, Shigematsu and the entirety of NEO. At Joa's word, The NEO organization was to celebrate their victory and they are seen departing from their headquarters.

Powers & Abilities

As one of the former Bureau Directors of the IGO, it was implied that Uumen had some prowess in combat like Mansam or Rin. Indeed, considerably after his initial introduction, Uumen proves this off panel when he murdered the vast majority of the Bureau Directors all together by himself.

General Information Edit
Name: Uumen Umeda
Name: ウーメン梅田
Romanji: Ūmen Umeda
Gender: Male
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1st anime movie:
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