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Twelve episode series.

In a reprise of the premise of E-chan the Ninja, Japanese schoolgirl Ichika stares into a mirror to discover another girl staring back at her. Her new companion is Manatsu (literally: "Midsummer"), who grants her magical powers that will only last for the summer, in an allegory of the end of childhood and one last vacation before the responsibilities of the grown-up world start to impinge-compare to Mahoromatic. However, all is not sweetness and light, as there are hints that this has happened before and that Ichika is the target of a mysterious plot conceived by the woman next door. A number of well-known manga illustrators, including Ken Akamatsu and Koshi Rikudo, provide "guest" designs for the costumes into which Ichika changes in each episode.
A one-shot video sequel followed, Twin Summers of the First Winter (2005, Shoto no Futanatsu) in which Satsuki, believing herself to be alone once more, encounters an apparent doppelganger of Manatsu during the winter. The new girl claims to be Mafuyu (or "Midwinter"), in a rather pointless rehash that to some minds betrays the elegiac quality of the original series-if everything can be reset and reprised à la Tenchi Muyo!, where's the drama??
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Keiji Goto
Yoshinobu Ito
Megumi Oohashi
Megumi Kadonosono
Atsushi Yukawa
Satoshi Saga
Akiko Nagashima
Hidefumi Kimura
Mine Yoshizaki

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Name Uta-Kata
Name: うた∽かた
Publisher Bandai Entertainment
Start Year 2004
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