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Usopp is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Black Kabuto

The Black Kabuto is the third model of slingshot of Usopp from the Straw Hat Pirates.


The weapon of choice for Nami. Using these three segments of a bo staff. Nami can create and control the weather.

Going Merry

The first ship of the Straw Hat pirates. She sailed the greater first-half of the Grand Line. Gone, but reborn as part of the Thousand Sunny

Kabuto (slingshot)

The Kabuto slingshot is the second generation of Usopp's slingshot weapons. Specially developed with the use of Dials to increase power, distance, and accuracy.

Pop Greens

Pop Greens are special seeds of hostile plants found in the forests on the Bowin Islands.

Sogeking Mask

The Sogeking Mask is an item that Usopp acquired while in Water 7. Wearing this mask is he able to show great courage

Thousand Sunny

The Thousand Sunny is the second ship of the Straw Hat crew. Built by Franky, the ship is twice the size of the Going Merry and has many special features found on no other ship.

Usopp Hammer

Usopp's Hammer has been a clever and crafty tool that has aided him in many battles. It's had many evolutions.

Usopp's Goggles

Usopp's Goggles are his prized sniper goggles he got in Loguetown. They are the latest model from the North Blue.

Wanted Poster

A Wanted Poster is a poster that is used to announce to the public at larges that some individual is wanted by a government or law enforcement.

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