Ushio Okazaki

Ushio Okazaki is a anime/manga character in the Clannad franchise
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Ushio is Tomoya and Nagisa's five year old daughter, she first appears in episode 16 of Clannad: After Story.

Tomoya and Nagisa's daughter. She appears in Clannad: The Motion Picture and Episode 16 of After Story.

Ushio's name is derived from "oshin" which means "ocean", since Nagisa's name is derived from "beach" or "tide" as explained in the movie as well as parts of After Story. It serves, the promises that Nagisa hoped for her newborn child. Hope that her child won't be weak and frail as her in which was derived from that name. She is also nicknamed by Nagisa as "Shio-chan".

In both the movie and the sequel, Nagisa gave birth to Ushio whom after dies due to her frail body. The only differences between the movie and the sequel is the setting. In the movie, Nagisa gave birth to Ushio in the hospital while in After Story, it was too late for Nagisa to go to a hospital but instead gave birth in her own home.

The Motion Picture

Nagisa gave birth to Ushio whom passed away due to her frail status. Due to the depression and stress that was given to Tomoya after Nagisa passed away, Ushio was entrusted with Nagisa's parents: Akio and Sanae.
Tomoya finally reunites with Ushio.
Tomoya finally reunites with Ushio.

During his current state of depression, Tomoya's father asks his friends to take him to the train station where Ushio appears. It was believed that Tomoya's father would not want his son to become like him, as Ushio lives with Tomoya now.

After Story

The first appearance of Ushio "Shio-chan" Okazaki
The first appearance of Ushio "Shio-chan" Okazaki
After passing away, giving birth to Ushio and entrusting it to Nagisa's parents due to Tomoya's depression. Five years later, after Akio and Sanae left for a vacation and Tomoya is left alone in their house. Tomoya discovers Ushio, as Sanae arranges a trip for both of them to reunite together as a family. During their travels, Tomoya was met by his grandmother, Shino and learns much of his father's past and to take responsibility for his own daughter. After the change of heart, Tomoya goes back with Ushio and tells his father, its time to stay with his grandmother. Ushio then realizes that there is a light source that beckons down to Tomoya. 
Soon after Ushio falls ill with the same condition as her mother, the condition worsens over time, Ushio wishes to go on another trip which Tomoya reluctuntly agrees to, on the journey away, Ushio's fever worsens and soon after she passes away.
Voiced by
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Satomi Kōrogi
General Information Edit
Name: Ushio Okazaki
Name: 岡崎 汐
Romanji: Okazaki Ushio
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Clannad After Story #16
1st anime movie: Clannad
Aliases Shio-chan
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Clannad is an anime movie based on the game by Key. This movie is not relevant to the anime but creates an alternative storyline.

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