North American Manga Sales Dropped 20% in 2009

Topic started by gia on April 16, 2010. Last post by John_Martone 4 years, 11 months ago.
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At least, according to ICv2's latest white paper-- in 2008 manga sales in the US and Canada dropped 17%, and in 2009 they dropped another 20%, meaning that they've diminished by over a third in just two years.

ICv2 notes that the sales drop was heavier in bookstores than it was in the direct market, and cites the loss of big-name anime on TV as a factor in the drop. This tells me that the audience that's being lost is NOT so much the hardcore fan-- though surely the regular consumption of scanlations isn't helping --but rather the casual fans, the people who wouldn't be on this site in the first place, most likely.

The rest of the factors listed are ones we're pretty used to: manga fans aren't "collectors" like comics fans, series are long and hard to collect in their entirety, fewer titles are being released, etc.

Also of note is that manga has seen a similar pattern in  European markets-- a large boom followed by a drop before stabilizing --so in all likelihood we can hope for the same here. But that means you guys'll have to keep on buying your favorite series! What's on your shopping list these days?
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Is the 20% referencing 2008 sales or the same year that the drop in 2008 is referencing. If it is the former than saying they've dropped by over a third is incorrect.

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It's hard to keep buying my favorite series when the publisher stops putting out the series. Hopefully though it'll rebound a bit then stabilize again. I continue to buy many different series of manga, but have started holding off on reading them until the series is completed. I would buy into one title, then while waiting for the next volume start up another title, then another, and by the time the next volume was released of the original title I'd have forgotten characters and plot =/ 
I do collect the manga though, and haven't sold off anything so far; though it is starting to take a bit of space.
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The same year that animevice went online!
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Well the recent economic down turn is not helping much rather. I will have to say that I don't like long sires. One factor I take into account before getting into it is to see how long it is. If it already a long running sires like One Piece or Ranma 1/2. I usually won't pick it up thinking "wow, 58 books of  One Piece that $10 a volume that $580". However I generally do spend $40 a month on manga and now have a collection of  200 books of manga/manhwa that I share with my brother that $2000 but I did use buy 2 get 1 free deals and some sale on Right Stuff so it's probably less than that. Well all I can/want do is keep buying books that I enjoy. Maybe publishers can start selling a wider verity of stuff maybe not just manga but manhwa and light novels (like Yen Press).
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Sad to hear. I'm still buying the usual stuff, though, so don't blame me!  Currently, that includes Black Jack, Gunsmith Cats Burst, Moyashimon, and Yozakura Quartet. I'm pretty behind, though.
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I wish I could buy manga/anime products where I live, but unfortunately, there is almost no market for Anime where I live and the nearest anime/manga shop is a 3-hour drive to the south (by Roseville Galleria Mall).
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Well its not my fault. I'm consuming more manga than ever. Probably doesn't help that they all increased their prices by 25 percent though.
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2010 has been my biggest year for manga purchases, but I only buy series that are already finished.  I waited until Pluto's final volume got published and then I ordered the whole thing in one fell swoop.  Nothing turns me off more than a 200+ volume series that shows no signs of ending.  I don't know if anyone else feels that way.
I should note that if it wasn't for my credit card and the joys of the internet, I'd be pirating everything, since few stores carry this stuff, even though I live in a city of one million people.  I can understand why a lot of younger fans are so into piracy, since it's really hard to get a hold of things unless you live in a teeming metropolis.
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I think the recent economic down turn was the basis of this decline. Alot of things have sufferd in the us due to it and Manga would be no differant.
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Aww, that image does a cute job contrasting the sad news. Though, I wonder if volume has anything to do with it. Responding to the market, the companies could be (overall) distributing fewer titles, thus fewer sales.
Like, given the number of downsizing and companies going under, it wouldn't surprise me.
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