Ursula Hartmann

Ursula Hartmann is a anime/manga character in the Strike Witches franchise
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Ursula Hartmann is one of the developers of the Jet Striker project, and she's the twin sister of Erica Hartmann.


Ursula Hartmann fist appeared in the second season of Strike Witches, Episode 4. She only appeared at the finale. She is the twin sister of the Strike Witches regular, Erica Hartmann. Unlike her easygoing sister, Ursula is quite proper and polite. They are of the same rank in the Karsland military. The only way to separate them by appearances is that Ursula wears glasses
She was confused as Erica by the other members of the 501st JFW, until the real Erica arrived.
In the Japanese version of Strike Witches, Ursula addressed Erica as Onee-sama (お姉さま), but Erica simply called her "Ursula". Normally, this is a title used to address older siblings. Given that they are twins, this seems to imply that Erica was born first. It could also be due to Ursula's formal and polite personality.

Character Evolution


Age: 16 (19)44
Hair: Blond 
Eyes: Blue
Nationality: Karsland (Germany)
Rank: First Lieutenant
Striker Unit: Striker Unit Development team
Animal Form: (unknown)

Major Story Arc

Ursula is one of the developers for the prototype Jet Striker model of the Striker Units. They were intended to increase the power and mobility of the Strike Witches against the Neuroi threat to Earth.
Gertrud Barkhorn was the test pilot for this prototype, but a fatal flaw was discovered in the design. Though the power output was greatly advanced in every way to the basic Striker Unit. It also absorbed a dangerous amount of magic from the user. It nearly led to the death of Captain Barkhorn.
 Minna introduces Ursula to the Strike Witches
 Minna introduces Ursula to the Strike Witches
Ursula personally arrived to the base of the 501st JFW to retrieve the remains of the Jet Striker and apologize for the inconvenience Gertrud Barkhorn had suffered. This also included  bringing an extra supply of potatoes for the base as compensation.
It was only Barkhorn and Commander Wilcke that already knew she is the twin sister of Erica. The other Strike Witches confused Ursula for her sister. That was until Erica showed up later for food.
Voiced by
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Sakura Nogawa
General Information Edit
Name: Ursula Hartmann
Name: ウルスラ ・ハルトマン
Romanji: urusura hartoman
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Strike Witches 2 #4
1st anime movie:
Aliases First Lieutenant Ursula Hartmann
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Attractive Female
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