Ur is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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Gray's master from Fairy Tail, she taught him how to use ice magic. She sacrificed herself to stop Deliore.


Ur holding her new born baby girl
Ur holding her new born baby girl

Ur was a powerful Ice Mage who was so strong it was said she could have been one of the Ten Wizard Saints. When Ultear was born, Ur felt a light inside her and believed that there was hope in her daughter's future until she found out that Ultear had too much magical power, causing her to fall ill. When she took her to the doctor, they told her they would treat her when in reality they kidnapped her. When Ur returned, they lied telling her that Ultear had died and that her body was too ravaged for her to see. Heartbroken, she accepted the doctors' lies. Later on in her life, he raised Lyon and taught him to use ice magic as her apprentice, and one day the two of them found Gray Fullbuster in the wreckage of his destroyed home town. Digging him out of the rubble she decided to take him on as her second pupil.


Ur was created by Hiro Mashima and there are no notes as to what inspired him to create her. She made her first appearance in Chapter 28 of the manga and Episode 11 of the anime in Gray's flashbacks. She is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro in the Japanese version and Kira Vincent-Davis in the English version.

Major Story Arc

Galuna Island Arc (Flashback)

Ur believes that in order to master Ice Magic you have to strip down
Ur believes that in order to master Ice Magic you have to strip down

In Gray's flashback memory, it was revealed that even though she was willing to teach these two kids her ice magic, both of them found it a tad odd how she went about it. Ur believed that in order to truly master ice magic, one must go into the frozen tundra and strip down so they can become completely used to the freezing temperatures. Unfortunately much to her dismay Gray took to this a bit too much and she had to punish him for stripping in public after experiencing this training.

Ur uses the Ice Shell technique to defeat Deliora
Ur uses the Ice Shell technique to defeat Deliora

Eventually Ur's training led Gray to believe he was now strong enough to take on the demon that destroyed his village, Deliora. Unfortunately he wasn't strong enough and was almost killed, but Ur came in to save him. Lyon believed that Ur wasn't fighting the demon at her full strength, and that he was now going to take this opportunity to finally surpass his master. He attempted to use the technique, Ice Shell, which causes the user's body to turn into ice that encases the enemy, thereby sacrificing them both. Ur wasn't about to let her student do that, so she froze Lyon before he could. She then used the Ice Shell herself to defeat Deliora, but before she was gone she told Gray to tell Lyon that she was still alive, just as ice that would hold the demon forever.

Galuna Island Arc

Years later Lyon tried to unfreeze Deliora so that he could defeat it, thereby surpassing Ur. However when Gray told him that Ur was still alive and that by melting the ice he would kill her, it was too late. The ice melted, but it turned into water and drained into the ocean, where she could now watch over the world and her students forever.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Kira Vincent-Davis
Miyuki Sawashiro
General Information Edit
Name: Ur
Name: ウル
Romanji: Uru
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Fairy Tail #5
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #11
1st anime movie:
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Ice Control
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Attractive Female
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