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Sequel to Negima! set over 70 years in the future, where a young boy named Touta ends up pulled into a secret society of immortal beings.


Written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu, set in the same universe as Negima!, but far in the future where most of the main cast has died of old age.



The series is set in the year 2086, ten years after magic is revealed to the world. Touta Konoe, the grandson of the deceased Negi Springfield, dreams of leaving his home village and seeing what lies at the top of a giant space elevator. His teacher, Yukihime, tells him that he can't leave until he defeats her in combat, a seemingly impossible task. One fateful day, when an assassin attacks Yukihime and leaves Touta for dead, Touta lets Yukihime turn him into a vampire like herself to save them both.

Now having joined the ranks of immortal beings, Touta leaves on a journey with his teacher to see more of the world outside the village.

Main Characters

[PICTURE]Touta Konoe (近衛 刀太 Konoe Tōta)
Age: 14
Gender: Male
UQ Holder #7
The protagonist of the story, grandson of Negi Springfield who was turned into an immortal vampire by his teacher. Later ended up joining the UQ Holder organization. Wielder of the Graviton Sword that can adjust the amount of gravity it puts out when swung. Also possesses the power of "Magia Erebea" after accidentally absorbing it from his teacher.
[PICTURE]Yukihime (雪姫 Yukihime), a.k.a. Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell (エヴァンジェリン・A.K.・マクダウェル Evanjerin A. K. Makudaweru)
Age: 700
Gender: Female
UQ Holder #1
An immortal vampire who constantly moved between cities when her unaging body was exposed, Evangeline eventually found a way to make herself appear older and founded the secret UQ Holder society where immortals of all kinds could take on jobs free from prejudice. After Touta's parents were killed, she became his adoptive mother and teacher under the alias Yukihime, and later turned him into a vampire after he was nearly killed by an assassin.
[PICTURE]Kuroumaru Tokisaka (時坂 九郎丸 Tokisaka Kuroumaru)
Age: 14
Gender: Unknown
UQ Holder #11
Originally an assassin sent to kill Touta, Kuromaru later becomes his friend. A student of the Kyoto Shinmei-ryū sword style. A demi-human with some immortal traits, Kuroumaru belongs to a race of people whose permanent gender is ambiguous until they select one at 16 years old. Torn between wanting to be his comrade-in-arms as a boy, and having romantic feelings for him as a girl.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
UQ Holder #4
A divine immortal who wields a hammer and a sword in combat. Extremely close to Yukihime and jealous of Touta for his relationship with her.
General Information Edit
English Name UQ Holder!
Japanese Name: ユーキュー ホルダー
Romaji: UQ Holder!
Publisher Kodansha
Start Year 2013
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