Uoodo is an anime episode of Armored Trooper Votoms that was released on 04/08/1983
Six months have passed since the conclusion of the war. Intelligence officer Jean-Paul Rochina has continued to look for Cuvie using a tracking chip implanted in Cuvie when he was captured. However, Cuvie has managed to evade pursuit by hiding in the slums of Uoodo City. The monotony of Cuvie new life is broken when a city square is attacked by a group of bikers called the Boone Family. They attack everything in site, and anyone who can't escape and isn't killed is captured and thrown in the back of a truck. There they are taken to the Boone Family's base and are forced to mine for a mineral called jijirium. The base is located on the ruins of an old computer plant that used the mineral, and when the plant was bombed during the war, the mineral was scattered all over the place. 
Upon arrival, Cuvie meets a fellow prisoner named Rappe Julas, who explains the setup. Between the acid rain that eats away at the workers and being forced to do manual labor for long hours with little rest, the workers are slowly being worked to death. Julas and Cuvie plan a breakout, with Julas also planning to steal some of the jijirium so he can get back on his feet once he returns to the city. That evening Julas, Cuvie, and many other prisoners escape, with the prisoners stealing most of the Boone Family's bikes, with others attacking the main building, suffering heavy casualties, but taking many of the Boone Family with them - the leaders of the Boone Family, as well as the chief of police, who had come to receive his take of what Boone's slaves had collected, were all killed. However, Julas also is killed in the assault. Cuvie escapes, stealing a bike, evades his three pursuers - partly through his own skill, and partly due a mysterious benefactor. After escaping into a trash heap, Cuvie finds a ruined VOTOMS, which he hides inside and falls asleep.

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Ryosuke Takahashi Director
Norio Shioyama Character Artist/Designer
Soji Yoshikawa Writer
Jinzo Toriumi Writer
Fuyunori Gobu Writer
Hiroyuki Okuno Animator
Kunio Okawara Mech Designer
Hiroki Inui Music
Tetsuro Oda Music Did the OP and ED for the first VOTOMS TV series, and the ED for the Votoms Paisen Files movie.
Akihiko Matsuda Sound Engineer Sound Designer for most of the Universal Century Gundam series and Gundam Wing, as well as Galaxy Express 999 and Votoms
Toru Hasegawa Producer Producer for Dirty Pair, Armored Trooper Votoms, and Space Runaway Ideon


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