Until You Like At Least One Thing

Until You Like At Least One Thing is an anime episode of Robotics;Notes that was released on 01/10/2013

The Robot Research Club is shokced to hear that not only Doc has been rushed to the hospital, but he's also considering closing his shop. Junna tries to encourage him to keep the shop open, but...


Plot Summary

Brooding on the airfield
Brooding on the airfield

Junna lies on the hanger's airfield in the afternoon. She turns her head toward the GunBuild-1 and has a flashback of her grandfather being angry with her. With this memory in mind, she asks herself what is her purpose for ebing in the Robot Research Club.At the Central Tanegashima High School, the student begin their second term in September. Kaito stares out a windows and remembers the warning that Misaki gave him. He concludes that she knows who Kimijima is. After school, Kaito tries to acquire the fourth Kimijima Report. To do this, he completes three of the four tasks required to open the report. For the last flag, he finds out that he must activate "Gojiro-kun," a robot that resides inside the Robot Clinic.

At a JAXA facility, Akiho declares that the club will build the GunBuild-2 in that place. Subaru asks if the club could really use the facility. His question is answered by Ken'ichiro, who appears in the facility with a member of JAXA's staff. With an addition of the facility's crane to their pool of resources, Akiho is once again fired up. Subaru tries to calm her down by reminding her that they still haven't chosen a driver system. Akiho ishes that she could talk to Fujita about the driver system and the monopole. She tells the group that they need to finish the GunBuild-2 quickly so they could fix the GunBuild-1. She feels that they need to fix the GunBuild-1 so they can repair Gunvarrel's reputation after the leaked final episode. Then Akiho notices that Junna looks glum and asks if there is something wrong. Junna's phone rings and she picks it up to find that her dad has some serious news for her.

Fujita rests in a hospital bed
Fujita rests in a hospital bed

At the hospital, Junna visits her grandfather who just had a medical complication with his health. He lies weak and frail on the bed. Junna knocks on to door to her grandfather's room, but the door is opened by a nurse who asks her grandfather if he will allow Junna in. Fujita looks at Junna, but decides that he does not want to see her. Outside the hospital, the club waits anxiously for news of Fujita's condition. The next day, Mitsuhiko tells the Akiho that he has Fujita the other day and that brings up the question of why Junna was not able to visit Fujita. Mitsuhiko also mentions that Fujita was weak in body and soul; he mentions that Fjuita plans to close the Robot Clinic.

Outside Mizuka's convinience store, Junna drinks a bottle of Skal. She is visited by Kaito who remarks that she does not come to the store very often. He asks if she is feeling down because she can't visit her grandfather at the hospital. Junna tells him that she was not really close to grandfather and that she is sad because she is thinking of leaving the Robot Research Club. Kaito tells her that he was afraid that it was going to be the case. Then he asks if she would like to enter the store. Junna accepts his offer and they enter the store.

Mizuka explain the Robot Clinic's history
Mizuka explain the Robot Clinic's history

Inside the store, Mizuka asks if Kaito has been looking into anything weird; Kaito assures her that he hasn't been doing anything. He asks her for the information on Fujita and she reveals that Fujita had opened the Robot Clinic for children. She tells him that children used to line up to play the mechanical toys. Amazed at how different the Robot Clinic used to be, Kaito asks where the robots are now. Mizuka tells him that they are deep in the Robot Clinic. Kaito inquires as to why the robots were stored there. Mizuka tells him that there was an accident and glances at Junna. Having the same flashback of her grandfather being angry with her, Junna runs out of the store. Mizuka explains that 11 years ago, there was a accident where one of the robots had toppled over a child. She reveals that Junna was the child involved in the accident.

At Akiho's house, Akiho connects the dots and figures that Junna is afraid of robots because of the accident. Kaito asks if they could do something for Junna. The next the two decide to help Junna face her fears by taking her to the Robot Clinic and confronting the robots. They also hope to encourage Fujita to keep the clinic open by restoring some of his robots. Still afraid of robots, Junna thinks that the idea isn't very good. Then Kaito reveals that Junna wants to leave the club. Akiho is shocked as why Junna wants to do this. Junna tells them that she only joined the club on a whim; she explains that she is leaving the club because she is afraid of robots. Akiho refuses to let her quit and pressures her to stay. Inside the clinic, they discover a massive trove of robots. Finding "Gojiro-kun, Kaito finds out that the robot's wires are cut.

Junna hides behind a pole
Junna hides behind a pole

Outside, Junna timidly hides near a pole while Kaito and Akiho try to fix the robots. While working on the robots, Akiho and Kaito ask Junna to operate the robot when they are done fixing it. They tell that she is the only one who encourage Fujita to get better. Kaito is the first to finish fixing his robot. As he reaches for the chord to turn on his robot, he notices a photo under the chord. Meanwhile, Akiho is able to activate her robot and manages to get it to talk. Junna takes a look at the robot and becomes paralyzed with fear because this is the same robot that fell on top of her years ago. Filled with fear, Junna runs away.

The next day, Junna hands in her resignation letter to Akiho. Deeling that he could still convince Junna to rejoin the club, Kaito decides to visit the karate dojo because he knew that Junna will be there. There he finds Junna surrounded by children who happily vie for her attention. After the karate class, Kaito tries once more to persuade Junna to help cheer her grandfather up by operating the robot. Junna tells him that she kept her distance away from him because she felt that he was still angry with her. Kaito reminds her of how all the robots' cords were cut. He hands her the picture he had found in the storeroom and Junna sees a picture of her grandfather laughing with a very young Junna. At school, Junna asks Mitsuhiko for a video of the GunBuild-1's test run. As she notices the children having fun watching the GunBuild-1 despite it not working properly, Junna hears a child say "Robots are people's friends,"a phrase that Fujita liked to utter years ago. She begins to cry after watching the video. Mitsuhiko explains that Fujita blamed himself for allowing the robot fall over Junna.

Junna and Fujita hug each other
Junna and Fujita hug each other

At the hospital, Kaito and Akiho arrive at Fujita's room. They convince him leave the hospital and go to the shop by telling him that they restored all his robots. When Fujita arrives at his shop, he is surprised to see all the children that have gather to see the robots. Then he sees the robot that fell over Junna and is overcome by regret that he allowed the incident to happen. Suddenly, the robot utters Fujita's name and he is surprised because he had never programmed it to do such a thing. As the robot moves closer, Fujita notices that Junna is operating the robot. Junna walks over to her grandfather and extends her hand in friendship. Fujita apologizes to Junna, but Junna tells him that she should be the one apologizing. With their relationship mended, the two embrace each other.At the hospital, Fujita returns to his bed. He tells the Robot Research group that he would like to see their completed robot someday so he could tell him if it "rocks" or not. Outside the hospital, there is a red aurora borealis.

Points of Interest

  • The NASDA was an organization that eventually became JAXA.
  • The Robot Clinic was opened 18 years before the start of the series. That would mean that the shop was established in 2001, the year Junna was born.


  • "Gojiro-kun" is a reference to Godzilla.

Kimijima Report #4 Flags

  1. Find Kimijima Report #3
  2. Upload photographs of rocket launches to Iruo taken from the four assigned points on Tanegashima.
  3. Test-fire a geotagged matchlock gun at least once.
  4. Activate Gojiro-kun, located at the Robo Clinic.


  • Japanese Name: "Kurerumade" (どこかひとつでも好きになってくれるまで)
  • Opening Theme: "Houkyou no Messiah" by HARUKI
  • Closing Theme: "Topology" by Kanako Itou

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Kazuya Nomura Director Kazuya Nomura is the director of the Robotic;Notes anime series.
5pb (creator) Original Concept 5pb is a company that published and created Robotic;Notes visual novel game that spawn an anime and manga adaptation.
Kanako Itou ED Theme Song: "Topology"
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