One Piece #54 - Unstoppable

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 06/04/2009

Plot Summary

One Piece - Vol. 54

Unstoppable - もう誰にも止められない (Mō dare ni mo tomerarenai)

With his brother Ace locked up in the Naval prison Impel Down, Luffy doesn't have much time to rescue him before his imminent execution. While he may have found a way to sneak into the maximum-security prison, finding Ace isn't going to be as easy. But a chance reunion with some former enemies just might be a blessing in disguise!


Chapter 523. Hell.....Pg.

地獄 (Jigoku)

Chapter 524. No One Can Stop This Now.....Pg.

もう誰にも止められない (Mō dare ni mo tomerarenai)

Chapter 525. Underwater Prison Impel Down.....Pg.

海底監獄インペルダウン (Kaitei kangoku Inperu Daun)

Chapter 526. Adventure in the Great Prison.....Pg.

大監獄の冒険 (Daikangoku no bōken)

Chapter 527. Level 1 Crimson Hell.....Pg.

LV1紅蓮地獄 (Reberu wan guren jigoku)

Chapter 528. Jinbe, Knight of the Sea.....Pg.

海侠のジンベエ (Kaikyō no Jinbe'e)

Chapter 529. Level 2 Wild Beast Hell.....Pg.

LV2猛獣地獄 (Reberu tsū mōjū jigoku)

Chapter 530. From Hell to Hell.....Pg.

地獄へ地獄へ (Jigoku e jigoku e)

Chapter 531. Level 3 Starvation Hell.....Pg.

LV3飢餓地獄 (Reberu surī kiga jigoku)

Chapter 532. Demon Guard Minotaurus.....Pg.

獄卒獣ミノタウロス (Goku sotsu jū Minotaurosu)

Moves This Volume

CharacterTechnique Name
PeronaAstral Projection
Boa HancockLove-Love Beam
Buggy The ClownChop-Chop Emergency Escape
Chop-Chop Cannon
Arial Tailspin Big Top
Muggy Ball
Monkey D. LuffyGum-Gum Pistol
Gum-Gum Bazooka
Gum-Gum Gatling
Gear Second
Gum-Gum Jet Bazooka
Gum-Gum Mallet Rifle (with Mr.3)
Mr. 3Candle Lock
Wax-Wax Manor
Bon ClayClone-Clone Memory - Roronoa Zoro
Swan Arabesque
Wait just a Fouette
Okama Kenpo: Memories of a Winter's Sky

Points of Interest

  • Spadam, Spandine, and the members of the CP-9 only appear in this volume in the splash page side stories at the beginning of the chapters.
  • Jimbei is first seen in this volume as a shadowy figure.
  • Elizabeth from Peachy Island is only named in the One Piece anime.
  • The real names of Bon Clay and Mr. 3 are revealed in this volume.


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Eiichiro Oda writer,





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