Unspoken Thoughts

Unspoken Thoughts is an anime episode of Valkyria Chronicles that was released on 07/18/2009

Plot Summary

In the meeting, Jaeger speaks with Maximilian about Gregor's defeat at the hands of Lieutenant Welkin and Squad 7. After Maximilian and Selvaria leave the room, Johann asks Jaeger about Maximilian and Selvaria's relationship. Outside of the palace, Selvaria looks at the blue roses and recalls the day that she met Maximilian for the first time. She remembers her origin of her name comes from the blue roses. Meanwhile, Alicia recalls how she ran away from Faldio who confessed to her, and she gets splashed by water when Marina mistakes for a fire. It turns out Alicia was baking bread behind a crate. After Eleanor's debriefing, Largo invites Welkin for a hot bath. Largo shares a story about his friend (this story is referring to his experiences) in the previous Europa war, and he talks about a friend of his who is like Welkin. His friend found someone he loved (Eleanor). Back then, Largo states that he could not get close to Eleanor when he gives her a flower.

Back in the present, Largo comments that the friend's best friend is more suave and trust worthy, and when Welkin asks about the man, Largo states that he died in war. Then, Welkin asks about the woman, and Largo mistakenly mentions Eleanor's name. Largo starts splashing and tells Welkin not to say anything. Welkin promises somewhat, and Largo tells him to not follow his path. Meanwhile, Ramal offers a ride to Isara, and Isara teases Ramal a bit. The two enjoy a day of shopping at various markets. As the day ends, Isara states that she bought all those things for her brother who is depressed. Later, Alicia thinks about Faldio and Welkin and shouts in frustration. She enters Welkin's room and leads him somewhere quiet. She tells him that things have turn strange between them. Welkin states that Alicia is his best friend, and Alicia smiles. When Welkin mentions Faldio, Alicia takes her hand away. She explains that Faldio had confessed to her, and when Alicia wants Welkin to explain his true feelings, Alicia storms off after Welkin did not say anything.

Points of Interest

  • The name Selvaria comes from the blue roses that are growing in the castle garden. She receives the name from Maximilian.


This episode ties a lot of relationships.

  • Largo, Frederick, and Eleanor
  • Welkin, Faldio, and Alicia
  • Ramal and Isara

Characters & Voice Actors

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