Unpleasant Days

Unpleasant Days is an anime episode of Campione! that was released on 08/03/2012
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Yuri is growing closer to Godou and sparks of jealousy fly from Erica. But that is the least of problems considering there is a new Campione in Japan.
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Plot Summary

Yuri's day dreams
Yuri's day dreams

Godou wakes up Erica who is naked, and she asks him to dress her. Yet, Godou freaks out and tells her to do it herself. In a bad dream, Yuri sees the Duke and Liliana. In her vision, there are wolves and the Duke is planning something. As Yuri cooks, Hikari startles her older sister. She teases Yuri about her using her feminine charms to seduce the king. Yuri freaks out in embarrassment, and Hikari helps her older sister by preparing a bento for Godou. When Hikari mentions husband, Yuri begins having a strange imagination. She arrives to class to see Erica fondling Godou, and her words start to make everyone fuss. Yuri scolds the two, and Erica comments that her body is Godou's. During baseball practice, Erica makes a good impression on her classmates, and Yuri asks Godou about Erica. Yuri admits she is envious of Erica who is very athletic. Then, Erica asks Godou to be the catcher, but Godou declines due to his bad shoulder in the past. Futhermore, he says it's unfair to use one's powers. Erica challenges Yuri to a match after she states that Yuri is sitting in the back while Erica is on the sidelines with Godou. Yuri accepts to prove her worth.

Godou's unpleasant day
Godou's unpleasant day

In their match, Yuri gets a vision on how Erica throws. Despite having the vision, Yuri is quite slow when she bats. Godou assists Yuri with her timing only to have his crotch hit by Erica's baseball. At the crater where Athena and Godou fought, Amakasu finds Liliana searching for something. With the match over, Godou and Erica try out Yuri's bento, and Erica teases Yuri a bit and asks Yuri if she has a cell phone. Erica persuades Yuri to get a cellphone with a demonstration, and she teases Yuri that she can talk to Godou. Yuri gets flustered and runs away. After Yuri is gone, Erica tells Godou that Yuri can be his on the condition that Godou will not get anymore girls. Plus, Yuri's sixth sense is useful to Godou. As Godou shops with Yuri, he helps Yuri pick out a cellphone. Yuri senses someone outside only to find no there. Though, Liliana observes the two on the roof. In the park, Godou teaches Yuri how to use a cellphone. When Yuri mentions she has given Godou her first time, Godou thinks something nasty.

Duke claims Yuri as his property
Duke claims Yuri as his property

Arriving home, Godou receives a call from Salvatore, and he finds Salvatore an annoyance. Salvatore informs him about Duke Vobon who is in Japan. In Yuri's home, she bathes contently, and she hears her phone ringing. Before she can answer it, Liliana kidnaps her. Yuri finds herself in the presence of Duke Vobon. The Duke explains that Yuri has been watching him, and he talks about an event where Yuri risked her life four years ago, the Ritual of Beseeching. The Duke claims Yuri as his property, so he can use Yuri to hunt Athena.

Points of Interest

  • Salvatore Doni and Hikari make their first anime debut.
  • Yuri is bad at baseball. Godou used to be a star player, but he quits due to a shoulder injury.

Yuri: It almost feels like I've given you a lot of my "first times" today.


  • Japanese Name: "Matsurowanu Atena" (まつろわぬアテナ)
  • Opening Theme: "Dreamer" by AiRI
  • Ending Theme: "Kokoro no Senritsu (#02 ED ver.) (心の旋律)" by Asami Seto & Saori Hayami

Characters & Voice Actors

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Keizo Kusakawa Director An anime director employed at the studio Seven Arcs.
Jo Takezuki Original Concept Jo Takezuki is the original creator of Campione!


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