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United States of America is a anime/manga location
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Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is an affluent city in Los Angeles County, California, United States, surrounded by the City of Los Angeles.


A state located on the West Coast of the United States.


A dark opening in a solid mass, like rock.

Center City

The city where the series HEROMAN takes place. It is located on the west coast of the United States of America.


The windy City thats part of the anime Gunsmith Cats.


A place of Christian gatherings where holy ceremonies and rituals take place a swell as education.

Death City

Death City is the home town in the Soul Eater series and of the Death Weapon Meister Academy, Shibusen. The city sometimes called Death Vegas due to being located in Nevada, United States.


The largest city in the U.S. located in the state of Michigan.


Earth is the third planet in the sol system, in the outer arm of the Milky Way galaxy. Most noticed for it's blue appearance due to the massive bodies of water that surround it.

Financial District

An alternate reality in the C anime, each one represents the network and interaction of regional or global economics.

Gotham City

Gotham City is a fictional place and most known as the home to Batman. Gotham is based off of cities such as New York City and Boston


50th state of the United States.


Known as the information super highway that is connected to every country on the planet. So far the only anime series that have actually traveled to the internet is the Digimon franchise, Pokemon in a single episode, Megaman NT Warriors, The Animatrix, the film Summer wars, and many others

Los Angeles

A city located in California.


One of the fifty states located in United States of America which is known for its numerous mountain ranges. Montana is also know for the Battle of Little Bighorn which was an armed engagement between combined forces of Lakota, Northern Cheyenne and Arapaho people against the 7th Cavalry Regiment.


A state in the USA, Nevada is best known for being the home of one of the largest casino hubs in the world Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam, and the military base known as Area 51.

New York City

The BIg Apple. One of the largest cities in the U.S., located on it's east coast.

Outpost Omega-1

The Autobot base from Transformers Prime. It is hidden inside a massive rock formation located just outside of the town of Jasper, Nevada


A facility used to incarcerate people convicted of a crime

Raccoon City

The place where the first outbreak of T-Virus took place


Shibusen is located in Nevada.

Station Square

The main setting Sonic X and hometown of Chris Thorndyke.

The Holy Britannian Empire

A united empire of North and South America, the greatest power in the world-- rival to the Euro Universe and Chinese Federation.

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