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United States of America is a anime/manga location
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"Big Guy" Bill Burton

He is a shaman and a follower of Hao Asakura. Big Guy Bill is a former American football player.

Agent Fowler

A liaison officer assigned by the military to work with the Autobots and monitor their activities.

Akira Takizawa

Akira Takizawa is a young man who has lost his memories and is Selecao Number IX.


One of the main characters of Totally Spies.


Alfred Jones, representant of The United States of America during WW2.

Andrew Gallagher

One of the special children. He is voiced by GACKT in the Japanese version.

Axel Hughes

An agent of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), a group that reports directly to the President. He is sent to Center City to investigate the mysterious events following the Skrugg's defeat.


Also known as the Yellow Eyed Demon, he is the antagonist of Supernatural.


Balrog is an African-American boxer, and Shadoloo operative in the street fighter series.


Bruce Wayne, a wealthy industrialist, playboy, and philanthropist. Witnessing the death of his parents as a child, Wayne trains himself both physically and intellectually and dons a bat-themed costume in order to fight crime as Batman


A member of G.I. Joe from Alabama


Henry Philip McCoy from the Marvel Mangaverse reality.

Beast Boy

Shape shifting member of the Teen Titans, former member of the Doom Patrol.

Billy Anderson

He is a trunk driver who gives rides to Ryu and his friends. He appears more times in the anime than the manga.

Bluebell Bloch

She is a normal park ranger in the Shaman King series.

Bobby Singer

Brianna Diggers

Brianna Diggers is a clone of Gina and Brittany Diggers combined. Brianna shares aspects of both sisters as well as some unique to herself.

Britanny Diggers

Britanny Diggers is a werecheetah that was adopted into the Diggers' family. She the sister, body guard, and partner of Gina Diggers.

Bruce Irvin

Bruce was Kazuya Mishima's bodyguard.


The combined form of the Decepticon Combaticons (Onslaught, Vortex, Swindle, Brawl, and Blast Off)

Bryan Fury

Former cop turned into cyborg.

Bud Walker

A Hollywood action star who performs his own stunts. He is also the cornerback for Team USA.

Bunshichi Tanba

The main protagonist of the series Garouden, Bunshichi is a arrogant tough guy who loves to fight the strongest opponent any dojo has to offer. After losing to wrestler Toshio Kajiwara, Bunshichi left for 3 years and vowed to never lose again.

Camilla Sauer Keynes

Hugh Anthony Disward's childhood friend. She is a teacher and has the tendency of wearing odd clothes she has brought with her from "The New World".

Candy White Ardlay

Orphan but not alone, Candy White Ardlay is a girl rich on adventure, friendship and love.

Captain America

Counterpart from the Marvel Mangaverse reality. He was killed by Doctor Doom.


A minor character in the anime Baccano!

Charles Xavier

Evil counterpart from the Marvel Mangaverse reality.


Chocolove McDonell

Chocolove is an American Shaman from New York City whose goal in the Shaman King tournament is to become the world's greatest comedian.

Chris Venstar

He is a shaman and an X-Law member whose team's goal is to kill Hao Asakura.

Claire Stanfield

The Gandor family's personal assassin. Also called as Vino (the wine's name in Latin) for the bloody mess he leaves behind.

Claire Forrest

The badass of the quartet despite being an animated corpse like them.

Clifford D. Lewis

The Quarterback for Team USA. He is a great strategist and specializes at bluffing and gambling.


One of the main characters of Totally Spies.


A giant monster with unknown origins. It is often seen destroying cities.

Corporal Zachamin

Corporal Zachamin is a member of the Grey Fox Squad in the U.S. military.

Count D

D is the owner of the pet shop in Chinatown that is strangely linked to mysterious deaths. He sells many pets from normal to the exotic. Count D is obsessed with sugur goods and snacks.

Crane Van Streich

Tired of the horror of war, he left the earth, waiting for the call of the Anima Mundi's hearts.


Cyborg is the strong man of the Teen Titans. He is a technological genius and his body has many fuctions as a robotic man.


The current leader of the X-Men, who has the ability to absorb solar energies and then redirect them as powerful concussive blasts through his eyes.

Cyndi Campbell

A girl who works for the U.S. Extraterrestrial Life-Form Response Research Center, who thinks Ika-Musume is a Alien.

Czeslaw Meyer

The youngest of Baccano's immortals. He is as cunning as he is young.


Daredevil is the blind hero who taught Spider-Man how to fight in the Marvel Mangaverse.

Dean Winchester

Dean Winchester hunts demons, spirits and other supernatural creatures with his brother, Sam Winchester.

Diane Ryan

A waitress from America, and participant of the Variable Geo tournament.

Doburoku Sakaki

The coach of the Devil Bats who left for America when his gambling debts got too high that he couldn't repay them. Hiruma eventually came to America to drag him back.

Don Miguel

Don Miguel is a major American promoter in the United States.

Donald Oberman

Better known as Mr Don, he is the leader for Team USA in the international youth football tournament. He is the son of the president of the United States and is considered one of the strongest men alive.

Doris Nicholas

A mercenary in Guard of Rose.

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