Uninhabited Planet Survive!

Uninhabited Planet Survive! is an anime series
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In the 22nd century, a series of natural disasters on Earth has caused humanity to move away into space and onto colony worlds. Fourteen-year-old Luna has been reared on colony Rocca A2 by her pet/nanny Chako, a pink cat-like robot, until she transfers to a new school, Soria Academy. However, her cosseted life is thrown into upheaval during a school trip to Jupiter's moon Io, where their craft is pulled into a giant gravitational storm. Only seven of the pupils make it into the escape pod with Chako and land on a blue planet, complete with monsters, ominously giant footprints, ancient ruins, mysterious voices, and a dwindling water supply. Meanwhile, their rescue ship is hijacked by three escaped prisoners who have no intention of using it to get them home.

Playing like a re-versioning of Lost In Space (1965) or, if you prefer, a foreshadowing of Lost (2004) in space, this series even has its own man you love to hate in the form of the clever but selfish school dreamboat Howard, who tries to buy a passage off-planet with the convicts in exchange for spare parts. When he fails, the best hope for the party comes from a mysterious amnesiac boy named Adam, whose people may have left a space vessel somewhere on the planet. Compare also to Adrift in the Pacific and its sci-fi reprise Vifam, both of which also marooned school children, although leaving plucky youngsters to find self-reliance is a staple of most anime aimed at a teenage audience-see Gundam. Some may also detect a few parallels with They Were Eleven (*DE).

This adventure series should not be confused with Survival 2.7D, a five-minute music video for Japanese pop group Glay, directed and designed by Koji Morimoto and animated and produced by Studio 4°C in 2004.

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General Information Edit
Name Uninhabited Planet Survive!
Name: 無人惑星サヴァイヴ
Romaji: Mujin Wakusei Survive
Publisher Madhouse Studios
Start Year 2003
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Aliases Deserted Planet Survive
Survival: No Man's Planet
Mujin Wakusei Survive
Franchise Edit
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Recurring Appearances
Brindo first in Episode #27
Zilba first in Episode #27
Bob first in Episode #27
Luna first in Episode #1
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