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The second-in-command in the Delmo Corps and the commanding officers lover.

Ageha Kurono

Kurumu's mother who once attended Yokai Academy with Mizore's Mother Tsurara. She and Tsurara hold a grudge against one another due to having a crush on the same guy when they were in school.

Agnese Sanctis

The former leader of the Anyeze Forces, a group of Battle Nuns.

Ai Amano

Aika Sumeragi

A beautiful woman skilled in combat and many weapons. She works as a salvager and sometimes takes on missions such as espionage.

Aimi Komori

A shy, sweet, and innocent girl who was given the magic eye shadow which gave her the ability to transform into the mysterious thief Shadow Lady.


Airi is a scythe-wielding wraith who was summoned by the Swamp Witch who works alongside Melona and Menace.

Akane Kimidori

Arale's best friend she met on her first day of school. She is a rebel unlike her older sister Aoi.

Akane Ochi

One of the main characters in the hentai.

Akemi Kawakami

A woman that was saved by Jin, and sort of adopted him.

Aki Aoi

Sister of Sora and Nami in Aki-Sora.

Aki Ichikawa

An investigator that works under Imari Kurumi And a Sacrifice for kitami/imari

Aki Nijou

The school nurse and staff-advisor of Tenbi Gakuen. Has the largest breasts of the cast.

Akina Orifushi

One of the main sisters in the hentai anime Kanojo X Kanojo

Ako Suminoe

Ako is a character from Kiss x Sis


The reigning Queen and victor of the past two Queen's Blade tournaments. Primary antagonist.


A female character of the Hentai Lingerie Office.

Amaki Suwa

Amaki Suwa is one the 504th Joint Fighter Wing from the Fuso Empire as part of the 47th Flying Squadron.

Amane Amemiya

One of four women who tutors Touya.

Ami Nekota

A friend of Kei and Nanami. She has a huge crush on Kurama.

Amika Kurebayashi

She is in love with Ryo, or "Ryo-sama".


Amy is a 15 year old Genki native messenger who encounters Ledo and acts his guide.

Anne Hanamaru

One of ten sisters from the eroanime It's a Family Affair.


A former member of the Knights of Margrave Kreutz, and now leader of the rebellion against the queen.

Annerose Vajra

The main heroine of the Koutetsu no majo Annerose series by Lilith-soft

Anri Sogahara

Takumi's friend and pre-genderbend crush. She teaches Takumi about womanhood after the transformation.

Aoi Futaba

Aoi Futaba was member of the Immigration Bureau of Japan but was kicked out after saving Elis and Kio, the targets she was supposed to kill.

Aoi Kanzaki

The lead character in the erotic anime True Blue, she if forced into sexual acts with her own gym teacher.

Aoi Sakuraba

"Aoi's grandest wish is to be with Kaoru-sama!"

Aoi Ubukata

Aoi Ubukata is the main character of Joshikousei no Koshitsuki episode 3.

Arale Norimaki

She is a little android girl. Designed to be the perfect humanoid robot, Doctor Norimake didn't expect this.

Asa Mizushima

Asagi Aiba

Asagi Aiba is Kojo's classmate.


A Close Combat-Type Delta Angeloid sent down to Earth by her Master in the world of Synapse to kill Tomoki Sakurai, she fails in her mission and takes up residence with Tomoki and Ikaros. She is quite the klutz, and seems to horribly blunder even the most simplest tasks.

Asuka Touma

The younger sister of Ryuuji, Asuka can usually be found in the company of her boyfriend. It may not look like it at first glance, but she is just as sexually active as her older brother, constantly sleeping with her boyfriend whenever she craves sex.

Asuna Kagurazaka

Asuna Kagurazaka is a member of Negi's class and his surrogate guardian. A hot headed girl who has great strength and an ability to cancel magics. Most of her own past is unknown to her.

Atari Hitotonari

Atari is a human ally of the Autobots from the Kiss Players manga. She was once possessed by the ghost of Starscream and became known as Atariscream.

Attia Simmons

The sixth-ranked strongest third-year student from Romania who is known as the Manipulative Schemer.

Aya Akabane

Aya Akane is a loud mouthed rebellious girl. She tries to be sexy but usually ends up in embarrassing situations.

Aya Fujisaki

One of Saki Tenjoins lackeys.

Aya Iseshima

The main protagonist of Master of Martial Hearts (Zettai Shougeki: Platonic Heart). Aya is a high school junior and excels greatly in martial arts, though she tries to keep the fact that she's a good fighter a secret.

Aya Natsume

Aya is the younger sister of Shin Natsume, and Maya Natsume. And is deeply in love with Souichiro Nagi. Like her brother she also has the Dragon Eye.

Aya Toujo

Toujo is the mystery girl with the strawberry panties that Junpei has been seeking.

Ayako Takasu

The Witch In Love

Ayame Fudo

A Police Officer investigating the monster attacks around Moena's School. She also seeks to find out who Angel Blade really is.


main character of Yellow star ova

Bachou Mouki

Main character of Ikki Tousen Xtreme Xecutor. Has a grudge against Sousou Moutoku due to something that happened in the past between him and her older brother Kansui Bunyaku.


A Golden Delmo who was in charge of of Operation "Golden Apple". She had a personal vendetta against Aika for killing one of her friends in the first series.


Female character from Perfect Hair Forever, she never talks, she just bends over to pick things up, or climbs a ladder to get something, all at the request of Uncle Grandfather so he can look at her panties.


Bulma is a genius inventor at the Capsule Corporation and inventor of the Dragon Radar. She met Goku and together they began the journey for the Dragon Balls.

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