Under The Cherry Tree / Will I Get This feeling every Time? / For Now, Let's Try stripping

Under The Cherry Tree / Will I Get This feeling every Time? / For Now, Let's Try stripping is an anime episode of Seitokai Yakuindomo that was released on 07/04/2010

"Ousai Academy Student Council Rule #1: All events must be reported without exception."

Takatoshi Tsuda is getting ready for his first day at a high school that used to be all-girls but recently turned co-ed. Upon arriving at the school, Taka is accosted by the student council President for having an unkempt uniform

1-A "Under the Cherry Tree."

The president takes it upon herself to punish Taka by almost strangling him with his own tie. Taka is afraid the tie will come loose anyway, so Shino strangles him again.

Out of nowhere, a blonde girl chastises him for thinking small, while being only half the size that Taka is physically. Taka doesn't take her seriously at first, until she sends a shoe flying into his face by accident. The girl, Suzu, proclaims herself a prodigy and the treasurer of the Student Council.

Next, a brown-haired girl, Aria, appears to have watching from afar, and wonders aloud if the male students joined this school to form a harem. Then she says that the students here are all lesbians.

Out of nowhere, Shino offers him a position on the student council to represent the budding male population of the school. After the student council members introduce themselves, Taka wonders if it's actually official. Apparently, it is.

1-B "Will it be like this every time?"

Taka arrives slightly late for the student council meeting, but Shino decides to take him on a tour of the school. However, she only goes to "the places where guys might get aroused first."

Several cases of TMI later, Suzu is on the roof, telling Taka that she likes looking down on people as opposed to Shino, who is afraid of heights.

Later, Shino offers to set up a suggestion box with a decoration so people will want to contribute. However, her decoration is so vulgar that it ends up blurred out in the episode. Sometime after that, Taka notices that a one of the notes in the box is a death threat against him for supposedly moving on the President.

1-C "For now, just take it off."

Taka wonders what his role is exactly, and Aria responds that he is supposed to be Shino's right hand man, except Shino excels in almost everything important according to Aria.

When the meeting starts, Taka notices that the rules of the school are awfully strict, so Shino decides to edit the rules to forbid love, but allow masturbation. Taka replies that there's no such rule in the first place.

Elsewhere, Shino is acting as a sort of unofficial counselor, saying that she's firm with guarding her lips. Suzu tries to punish Taka for a bad report by making him sit in a chair, but even then he's still a little taller than Suzu while she's standing.

After that, Shino mentions the newspaper club may be interviewing them, so she asks Taka to help them prepare, though they keep assuming it's like a face-to-face interview from an adult video. Taka is having trouble getting used to the perverted attitude of the students in the room as Hata arrives from the newspaper to do an interview. It's even harder when Hata and the student council twist his words about knocking down the barriers between boys and girls to make it sound like he's a giant pervert.

In the end, it turns out the "barely legal" girl in the adult video was a DVD the president and vice-president were really watching to prepare for the interview. However, when Aria mentions the girl's large breasts, Shino turns off the TV immediately.

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