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Unbalance x2 is a Korean manhwa (manga) series that was written by Dall-Young Lim and Illustrated by Soo-Hyun.


Unbalance x2 Vol. 1 KRN Cover (June 2005)
Unbalance x2 Vol. 1 KRN Cover (June 2005)

Unbalance Unbalance or Unbalance x2 (언밸런스×2) is a romantic comedy, drama manga series that was written by Dall-Young Lim and illustrated by Soo-Hyun Lee. The manga began in Young Champ weekly magazine in May 30. 2005, and then the first volume of Unbalance x2 was released on June 15, 2005 by Daewon C.I. By October 30, 2008, total of nine has been published by Daewon C.I.


  • Daewon C.I. (Korean)
  • Infinity Studios (North America)
  • Tokebi (France)
  • Macau (Hong Kong)
  • Asia Comics (China)
  • Comics Factory (Russia)
  • Kill Time Communications (Japan)

Publication History

Unbalance x2 first volume was published by Daewon C.I. in June 15, 2005 and by October 30, 2008, total of nine volume has been published. In January 11, 2007, Unbalance x2 was licensed in North America by Infinity Studios and by December 12, only 2 volume was published by Infinity Studios.

By the time, Unbalance x2 was licensed for international releases in various country with different languages. The manga was licensed in France by Tokebi, Hong Kong by Macau, China by Asia Comics, Russia by Comics Factory, and Japan by Kill Time Communications.


Note: The characters for their original names are shown on the left, while their names for the Japanese version appears on the right.



Jin-Ho Myung (KRN)/ Kenichi Kando (JPN)

(명진호 - KRN) (神門 健一, Kando Ken'ichi - JPN)
Main page: Jin-Ho Myung
The main protagonist of the series, he is a student at his final years at Arim High School, then Jin-Ho finds himself at Hae-Young's class as her student.
Jin-Ho Myung
Jin-Ho Myung

Hae-Young Nah (KRN)/ Elina Takanashi (JPN)

(명진호 - KRN) (高梨 エリナ, Takanashi Erina - JPN)
Main page: Hae-Young Nah
The female protagonist of the series, she is a beautiful young woman who teaches mathematics at Arim High School, the same school that Jin-Ho goes. When Hae-Young came to teach students at Arim High, she end up being Jin-Ho's homeroom teacher at class 3-2.
Hae-Young Nah
Hae-Young Nah



Young-Gi Chan (KRN)/ Hiro Hanai (JPN)

Main page: Young-Gi Chan
(차영기 - KRN) (花井 尋, Hanai Hiro - JPN)
The friend of Jin-Ho and a classmate at his homeroom, both been placed together in the same classes for the pass five years.
Young-Gi Chan
Young-Gi Chan

Ji-Soo Ha (KRN)/ Mai Sugihara (JPN)

(하지수 杉原 麻衣, Sugihara Mai - JPN)
Main page: Ji-Soo Ha
The senior class president as well as being the president of the Student Council, Ji-Soo is a hardworking, studious, performs well and is also popular in Arim High.
Ji-Soo Ha
Ji-Soo Ha

Jae-Kyung Park (KRN)/ Akane Honda (JPN)

Main page: Jae-Kyung Park
(박재경 - KRN) (本多 茜, Honda Akane - JPN)
A college freshman and a friend of Jin-Ho's, back in her high school days, Jae-Kyung was used to be the co-founder and former president of the Film Studies Club, as well as former president of the Student Council of Arim High.
Jae-Kyung Park
Jae-Kyung Park

Ami Eun (KRN)/ Ami Nagumo

Main page: Ami Eun
(은아미 - KRN) (南雲 亜美, Nagumo Ami - JPN)
A senior student and a firend of Ji-Soo, Ami Eun is a shy and quiet student at the school, where she often reads yaoi manhwa (manga).
Ami Eun
Ami Eun

Caroline Pendleton (KRN)/ Caroline Takanashi (JPN)

(캐롤라인 - KRN) (キャロライン 高梨, Kyarorain Takanashi - JPN)
Main page: Caroline
An Eurasian (half Korean/ half British) woman who recently arrived in Korean for her curious about her's father's homeland and her siblings. Then Caroline realizes that her siblings are turn out to be Hae-Young and Hae-Jung.
Caroline Pendleton
Caroline Pendleton


Hae-Jung Nah - Hae-Young's older sister and roommate, she's also Caroline's half-sister.

Jin-Shun Myung - Jin-Ho's screen writer aunt who living with him and his father.

Story Arcs

Book # Name Rating Release Date
Volume 9
Volume 8
Volume 7
Volume 6
Volume 5
Sept. 2, 2006
Volume 4
May 31, 2005
Volume 3
Jan. 31, 2006
Volume 2
Sept. 30, 2005
Volume 1
June 15, 2005
General Information Edit
English Name Unbalance x2
Japanese Name: アンバランス x2
Romaji: Anbaransu Anbaransu
Publisher ?
Start Year 2005
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Aliases Unbalance Unbalance
Unbalance x Unbalance
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