Chinese Boycott Ultraman Thanks To PM's Grandkid

Topic started by GMan on May 10, 2009. Last post by HeeroYuy 5 years, 10 months ago.
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It appears that if the Chinese Prime Minister speaks, people listen.  It turns out that Prime Minister Wen Jiabao complained that his grandkid was watching too much Ultraman rather than Chinese cartoons, according to Variety.

During a recent visit to Jiangtong Animation, the Prime Minister said the following:
I sometimes take care of my grandson.  But he always watches 'Ultraman.' He should watch more Chinese cartoons.

Your work is meaningful. You should play a leading role in bringing Chinese culture to the world ... let Chinese children watch more of their own history and its own country's animation.

In an effort to try to help the underperforming Chinese industry, a boycott of Ultraman has been underway. 

Is this a battle that Ultraman can win?  Should a country only watch entertainment made in that country?  What about the children?  Should they be deprived of watching a show just because it was made in another country?  Do you think a boycott like this would happen in other countries if the government expressed their "concern"?
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All i have to say is poor kid Ultraman (Mebius?) is a great series and China doesn`t have a good Giant Hero i know that because of the 2006 failure.... (cant believe it i forgot the name lol) Its probably gonna go the Prime Minister`s way i have little to no doubt about that.

But its not like China hasn`t any other good Chinese Tokusatsu series out there i`m currently (trying) to follow Kai Jia Yong Shi (铠甲勇士)
Its a great series but its a little bit to commercial at times, i hate the commercial thing that they show every time a hero does something. So i don`t think that would be a good substitute for a series like any of the Ultraman`s
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Face it China, you're never gonna be more than a cheap knockoff with an embargoing attitude like that. If you ever want to win at anything other than dirt cheap labor, then face challenges head on and beat them at their own game Kamina-style!!!

(No seriously, I think it would do you guys a whole world of wonder)
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Sweet, I'm pretty sure HeeroYuy just solved China. On to North Korea! If we hurry, I think we can finish up Asia by dinner time.
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Don't worry China. In three years your economy will outperform the japanese one and you won't have to worry about these things anymore. Moreover, your movies are way better than the japanese, so no need to complain.
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boycotts do nothing to china my mateys (but on national tv it does) :) there is always pirates and heaps and heaps of them. And chinese cartoons only show history with weird deformed ugly drawings, its a wonder why kids never watch them (mum tried to make me when i was 5. it was horrible) .Ultraman is Ultraman it even has a nickname in china that literally translate to salty egg head superman :D (not to insult, simply becuase suited to be called that especially since the audience was a bunch of little children, repeat not to insult). I don't think many children will like the idea of ultraman being doomed in their nation. But then again, I barely see ultraman showing on china TV, when I went to visit the several times, its almost no where. the giant hero they have is the power rangers (when they like put their powers together and form that massive robot) but even then I think that the version they show is an export.
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SHIT! They caught onto your plan to destroy the Red Chinese! Get out of there, Ultraman! RUN!
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 Can't they Chinese-fy Ultraman?  Ultraman can be called on by a small Chinese girl who calls upon him when ever a capitalistic ideas attempt to poison  the the Chinese People and the great government of China. When it's done fighting a monstrous personification of freedom of speech, higher wages for it's workers, better living conditions, and the idea of the Chinese government working for it's people instead of the it's people working for the government, it turns back into her cat.   
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@Kyle: I solved China? heh...I wonder if they'll give me my own

@Blindshogun: Faux pas assimilation isn't going to solve the problem. They just need to realize they need to be creative. Though then again, any creative person with an ounce of brainpower probably left China already because of their blatant disregard for international copyright law....perhaps these two problems go hand in hand, eh China??
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