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Agari Fushimi

Agari Yamato's beautiful, slightly neglectful mother.

Dr. Dunstan

Dr. Dunstan is a character in the series Ultimo. He is the creator of the doji. His appearance is based off of Stan Lee.

Ekoda Shin

A sushi chef and Regla master.


A newer Karakuridoji created by Dr. Dunstan, and is Ultimo and Vice's 'little brother'.


A former member of the S.K.A.T. Police, who found Vice and became his new master. He is unemployed.

Kodaira Rune

Yamato Agari's best and oldest friend. Due to certain circumstances, he has recently become the newest master of Jealousy.

Makoto Sayama

A cool-headed Senjo Academy student and the object of Agari Yamato's affections.

Matsumoto Kiyose

Sayama Makoto and Agari Yamato's friend and classmate.


A 15 year old high school goth girl who is the master of Palace the Lazy.

Ohtake Akitsu

Sayama Makoto and Agari Yamato's good friend and classmate.

Oume Hibari

A classmate of Agari Yamato.


One of the newer generation Karakuri Douji who represents Sloth. His master is Mizho.


One of the newer Karakuri Dōji created to fill in the gaps in all "good". His master is Ekoda Shin.


A Karakuridoji representing ultimate good created by Dr. Dunstan. His masters are two reincarnations of Yamato Agari, in the Edo period and in the modern day.


The main antagonist of the Ultimo manga. He is the karakuridouji of ultimate evil, and is made as the extreme opposite of Ultimo.

Yamato Agari

The reincarnation of the bandit who was Ultimo's previous master. Yamato found Ultimo in a Antique shop. At first he didn't want to get involved with Ultimo but eventually does so to protect his friends from harm.

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