Ultear Milkovich

Ultear Milkovich is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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The daughter of Ul who was believed to be dead. She became a member of the Magic Council and used this a means to gather information on where the keys of Zeref where, so she could use the keys to free him.


Ultear is Ul's daughter but, for unknown reasons, the two were separated from each other when she was very young. As she grew up, Hades took her under his wing and mentored her to learn and use Lost Magic. And at some point and time, she and her comrades from the Grimoire Heart guild stumbled upon a young Meldy who looks up to her as a mother-figure. During her assigned mission in finding the keys to releasing Zeref from his seal, she infiltrated the Magic Council and worked under the command of Siegrain (a.k.a. Jellal). Following these events, it was revealed that she was the one who manipulated Jellal and managed to obtain the final key. She is currently on Tenrou Island where she found Zeref and is planning to bring him to Hades to complete her task.


Ultear, created by Hiro Mashima, was initially thought to be a corrupt member of the Magic Council, but she turned out to be one of the strongest and the eldest member of the Kin of Purgatory of the Grimoire Heart guild, who merely used the Council and Jellal to fulfill a job that had disastrous implications on a global scale. That said, she is a character who is commonly described as clever, conniving, and ruthless. As revealed by Jellal, Ultear's name derives from "Ul's Tears". She made her first appearance in Chapter 1 of the manga and Episode 2 of the anime. She is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro in the Japanese version and Lydia Mackay in the English version.

Character Evolution


 Ultear's battle outfit.
 Ultear's battle outfit.
Ultear wears her hair in various manners throughout the series, and her outfits are no exception. In the beginning of the series, while serving as a member of the Magic Council, she was donned in a kimono dress but after destroying its HQ and returning to her guild's airship, she is shown wearing a long deep cut dress sporting a striped pattern (in the anime its simply purple). Later when she prepares for combat, she changes into a tight fitting outfit. Gray has also stated that she bares a strong resemblance to his teacher, Ul.


 Ultear&squot;s menacing look upon being called "Ul" by Meldy.
 Ultear's menacing look upon being called "Ul" by Meldy.
Ultear is a manipulative, callous and ambitious woman who regards her mother with contempt. Although she remains calm and considerate towards Meldy, she scolds her whenever she refers to her as "Ul" which implies that she has some issues of hatred towards her late mother. But Meldy later reveals that Ultear has suffered from Ur's death and that she sees Ultear as her own mother because she encouraged her to live on. Recently, she has displayed a sympathetic and understanding attitude towards Gray after explaining that she's doing all these things to carry out her mother's will. But whether or not this is genuine is still in question.

Major Story Arcs

Galuna Island Arc

Ultear disguises herself as a masked individual by the name of Zalty and joins Lyon's gang to help revive Deliora, a demon created by Zeref and sealed in a block of ice by Ur. But this mission ends up with the team encountering Team Natsu and her battling the fire dragon slayer to whom she loses. It was later revealed that Siegrain was the one who came up with the plot to revive the demon and control it but since it was already dead the mission was a failure. She also ends up with a large bump on the side of her face from her fight with Natsu and commented that she didn't even use half of her power. After Deliora was defeated, she restored the destroyed village on Galuna Island back to its previous state and becomes impressed that Erza managed to figure out the curse that plagued its inhabitants.

Tower of Heaven Arc

 Ultear uses her magic to destroy the Magic Council HQ.
 Ultear uses her magic to destroy the Magic Council HQ.
Ultear is seen with Jellal in the Magic Council, manipulating its members to fire Etherion on the Tower of Heaven but this is all a ploy Siegrien, who is a projection of Jellal currently located at the tower, to complete the tower and create the R-System in hopes of reviving Zeref. Upon the successful completion of the tower, Ultear uses her magic powers to destroy the Council headquarters, creating chaos and turmoil in the process. In the end, Ultear revealed herself that she manipulated Jellal all along since Zeref was not dead, just sealed away and that her true objective was to obtain one of the keys to unseal him.

Fighting Festival Arc/Oracion Seis Arc

Ultear contacts Hades using her orb to give him an update on her mission.
Ultear contacts Hades using her orb to give him an update on her mission.
Ultear's true identity is shown as a member of one of the strongest dark guilds, Grimoire Heart. She contacts her master and informs him that she has obtained one of the keys to Zeref's seal.

Note: In the manga, this event occurs in the Oracion Seis Arc on the guild's airship while in the anime, this occurs in the Fighting Festival Arc whereby Ultear communicates to Hades through an orb in a mountain setting.

S-Class Trial Arc

When Zeref begins to use his magic, Ultear informs Master Hades of his location and the guild prepares to retrieve him from Tenrou Island where Fairy Tail's annual S-Class Examination was taking place. While en route to the island, she asks Meldy if she's ready to take part in the upcoming battle with Fairy Tail but later scolds the small girl after she mistakenly called her Ul. As they approach the island, Ultear and her fellow guild members become shocked and taken back by a giant Makarov who stood in their way, though Hades seemed unaffected by his immense and dangerous size. After Makarov damaged a section of the airship, Ultear uses her time magic to completely restore it. Soon after, Hades orders her and the others to search for Zeref while he would deal with the enormous opponent. She agrees and thanks to Caprico, she is then transported to the island where she initiates the search for the dark mage.

As she walks through the forest, eager to meet Zeref who she claims can save her, the named man appears behind her with an angered expression and prepares to attack to her after stating that her guild is the root cause of the conflict on the island. He then asks her what their intentions are and she immediately bows before him replying that they need his existence. Zeref states that he does not want to get involved in another war and demands that they leave the island. He starts to reassert his anger, giving Ultear chills in the process but after their off screen battle, Ultear emerges as the victor though she also has taken quite a bit of damage. She then shouts in glee over her success in obtaining Zeref and brings the unconscious man near a tree where she hugs him and says that she will make him the king of the magic world. Meanwhile, Natsu recognizes her scent and runs to her location.
Voiced by
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Miyuki Sawashiro
Lydia Mackay
General Information Edit
Name: Ultear Milkovich
Name: ウルティア
Romanji: Urutia
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Fairy Tail #1
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #2
1st anime movie:
Aliases Zalty
Time Mage
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