Ulatre's Mountain of Screws

Ulatre's Mountain of Screws is an anime episode of Galaxy Express 999 that was released on 05/03/1979

Plot Summary

"If it were not for a single screw that someone made, there would be things in this world that would not work adequately. Even this infinite universe, due to the fruits of people's labor, was connecting throughout without anyone's knowledge." - Narrator

Maetel notices screws flying through her window
Maetel notices screws flying through her window

Due to a mechanical failure on the GE999, the train is forced to take a four day layover on Ulatre, a planet known for producing screws. After landing on the planet, Maetel and Tetsuro head towards a hotel. On the way their they notice that everything on the planet is made of screws, even the mountains and dirt. When a young woman is nearly ran over by a truck, Tetsuro jumps in to save her and continues towards the hotel.

Spiral traps Tetsuro in her room
Spiral traps Tetsuro in her room

Later that night, a fierce storm strikes the planet with winds strong enough to send screws flying through windows and toppling the mountains made of screws, which cause wide scale devastation and destruction to the city nearby. Tetsuro and Maetel are separated in all of the chaos and when Tetsuro awakens, he finds himself in a room with the young woman he rescued earlier. The woman, named Spiral, is taking care of Tetsuro but when he mentions that he must leave to find Maetel, she reveals that she has no intentions of ever letting him go and that she threw away his boarding pass to the GE999. Tetsuro pleads with her but Spiral locks him in the room saying that she has been a lonely screw maker for her entire life and that Tetsuro is the first person to be kind to her so the two of them will live together forever.

Spiral's true body
Spiral's true body

Later, Spiral leaves to go buy groceries for Tetsuro, giving him an opportunity to escape. As he leaves her apartment, another tenant warns him of the rain that is filled with screws and has killed countless people. Feeling sorry that Spiral has gone out in dangerous weather for his sake, Tetsuro rushes off to find her. Eventually he does and discovers that Spiral actually has a machine body and is safe from harm. Spiral tells Tetsuro that she actually was searching for his boarding pass to return it out of the guilt she felt for kidnapping him in the first place. Maetel appears and Tetsuro leaves with her while Spiral goes off in a different direction. Sensing that something may be wrong, Maetel suggests that they follow her.

Spiral makes a custom screw to fix the GE999
Spiral makes a custom screw to fix the GE999

After searching throughout the remains of the city, the duo finds Spiral committing suicide but Maetel is able to save her before her life is ended. After telling her not to throw her life away so easily, Maetel asks her on behalf of the Conductor to make a custom screw, which is the cause of the GE999's malfunctions. Spiral is hesitant at first but eventually decides to do it and is successful at it, which reinvigorates her to continue on making screws with the knowledge that no matter how small, each of them can be of grave importance to someone or something elsewhere in the galaxy.

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