UFO Robo Grendizer

UFO Robo Grendizer is an anime series in the Mazinger franchise
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Young Duke Fleed (Orion Quest) of Planet Fleed (Antares) is forced to leave his homeworld when it is attacked by the forces of the evil King Vega. Fleed, together with his Grendizer spacecraft that can transform into a giant robot, reaches planet Earth, where he hides from Vega's forces and is adopted by the kindly Professor Umon (Bryant), who calls him Daisuke (Johnny). "Daisuke" works happily on a local farm, until the arrival of Vega's forces on Earth forces him to take a stand, together with his friends Koji Kabuto, Hikaru Makiba, and Duke's sister, Maria Grace.

The 30-minute anime movie War of the Flying Saucers (1975) introduced the character of Fleed alongside other creations of Go Nagai, such as Danbei from the same author's Cutey Honey, and pilot Koji Kabuto, whose inclusion effectively makes Grandizer another sequel to Mazinger Z. The pilot movie features the same basic plot, with the mild-mannered Daisuke Umon appearing as the only son of Dr. Umon of the Umon Space Science Laboratory. To capture him, his flying saucer, and his combining robot Gattaidar, Princess Teronna from Planet Yarban attacks Earth with the Yarban Flying Saucer Unit.

In the series proper, before Fleed and Maria returned in triumph to their homeworld, Grandizer also appeared in two short Go Nagai crossover movies: Great Mazinger / Grandizer / Getter Robo G: Battle the Great Monster (1976) and UFO Robo Grandizer vs. Great Mazinger (1976). Twenty-six episodes were released as part of the Force Five series on American TV.

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General Information Edit
Name UFO Robo Grendizer
Name: UFOロボ・グレンダイザー
Romaji: UFO Robo Gurendaizā
Publisher Toei Animation
Start Year 1975
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Aliases Goldorak
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