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A survivor of a great war was left for dead, and now he seeks to take revenge on those who betrayed him.


Übel Blatt is written by Etorōji Shiono. It ran in Square Enix's Young Gangan magazine.


  • Square Enix (Japan)
  • Yen Press (North America
  • ??? (France)

Publishing History


Once upon a time, the Emperor of Szaalenden commissioned 14 of his bravest heroes to go win the battle against the evil Wischetech(?) army. Armed with special holy lances, they fought with the Emperor's forces against the enemy. Not many people know what happened during the final battle, but word soon spread that 3 of the warriors died in the battle, and 4 others were dubbed the "Lances of Betrayal" for their attempts to commit treason against the Empire. However, the "7 Heroes" stopped the Lances of Betrayal and won the war, returning victoriously to their homes and ushering in a new era of peace.

After several years, that peace is threatened due to a young man with fairy-like characteristics. Calling himself Köinzell, he has made it his mission to hunt down and destroy each one of the so-called 7 Heroes. He knows the truth: The Heroes were cowards who stayed behind when the other seven warriors risked their lives to end the war. Afraid they would lose face if the truth got out, they conspired to literally stab the remaining four in the back and leave them for dead, making up a story about how they would betray the Emperor if not for their actions.

One of those slaughtered four, a boy named Ascherit, somehow consumed the essence of a fairy and healed himself until he later assumed the identity of Köinzell. Some of the Heroes have redeemed their ways and have moved on from that horrible day, but in Köinzell's eyes, they are all guilty, and they will all pay.

Somewhere in the capital, a young prophet is watching important stars being snuffed out one by one as Koinzell cuts his path through each of the Heroes. The reader must wonder if Koinzell is the hero fated to become the salvation of the world, or the architect of its destruction. As he gains new allies and enemies with his actions, the answer could go either way.

General Information Edit
English Name Übel Blatt
Japanese Name: ユーベルブラット
Romaji: Yūberu Buratto
Publisher Square Enix
Start Year 2005
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Aliases Yuberu Buratto
Evil Blade
Ubel Blatt
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